SIGNED: 2022 Jeep GC 4XE, $735, $0 DAS


2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4XE

MSRP: $62155
Selling Price: $60155 (3.22%)
Rebates: 9500
Down Payment: $0
Location: CA

$735 a month, 36/10 Lease. $0 drive off, capitalized all payments. I know it’s not the most amazing GC 4XE deal ever seen but I am pretty satisfied given that I got this deal locally in CA where I had almost local dealer shut their door in my face when I showed them competing out-of-state offers.

Been chasing a deal on this car for a few weeks and learned SO much by stalking the forums here. Thanks for all the folks that messaged me with advice and tips, couldn’t have done it without ya’lls help. Also got connected to some cool brokers who-- I likely would’ve gone forward with if they had inventory left and could deliver the car before I deliver my baby in 8 weeks :pregnant_woman: . See ya guys in a few years when I am ready for my next lease deal!


Double congrats!


That’s a good deal in CA and yes double congrats!

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I’ve been hunting down Jeep GCs of all kinds nationally. Has been the depressing. You found a unicorn deal. Most dealers want to rip rake you over the coals.

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:100:. I felt really deflated after trying to talk to Bay Area dealers for the GC. When I balked at a 10K markup over msrp, one had the audacity to insinuate that I don’t know any better bc I’m a woman a preferred to talk to my husband. Had to go pretty far out to find this one but glad I did! Good luck on your hunt


For quite a while, the best way to get a deal on a jeep in CA has been to ship it in from out of state.

Care to share dealer in name?

what other rebates over 7500?