Signed: 2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe Trailhawk - MSRP $67,055 - $500/month - $500 DAS

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Hopped on the GC 4xe train…ended up with a Trailhawk.

Quick search last week and saw dealer in my area had a couple 22s left so I figured I’d give it a shot. Started out negotiations in the 700s and worked them down over about 5 days of texting…

Got really lucky here as I traded in a 2021 Wrangler 4xe High Altitude. Payoff was $47,232, however Carmax and the others wouldn’t quote me more than $42,000. The dealership wanted me to pay the difference DAS. While I was trying to get the 1k TDM bonus cash on, I decided to enter my trade-in details as well and to my surprise the estimated trade-in value returned was $50,135. The dealer offered $47,500 which gave me $268 equity to include at signing.

According to the rep, the dealer apparently lost $3,300 on this one but the rep made it out with 1k commission due to sitting inventory incentives ($5 x 200 days on the lot). Dealership to remain anonymous due to no more 22s but hopefully this gives insight for anyone else in the market.


  • Ally: 36/10
  • MSRP: $67,055
  • Selling Price: $62,855
  • Incentives: 19,250 ($7500 EV + $5750 Southwest Bonus Cash + $2000 Regional Bonus Cash + $1000 State Bonus Cash + $2000 Bonus Cash + $1000 TDM)
  • Residual: 57%
  • MF: 0.00398 (9.55%)
  • DAS: $500 first month, $268 trade-in equity
  • Payment: $499.47

Calculator link


Nice deal and lovely SUV!

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What is southwest cash here?

Looks familiar! Surprised that an Ally deal ended up looking this good. I’m guessing you had TX tax credits based on the calculator? Only caveat is trying to get out of an Ally lease if you ever decide to try. With all that IDL cash it may be worth looking into a personal buyout at some point if you really like it but I’ve heard that Ally can be difficult with those too.

Enjoy the ride! Good deal.

Can you confirm if this is Ally or SFS?

This is pretty :fire:, enjoy!

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Congrats on the new ride! Looks awesome. I’m getting a little tired of seeing these great deals in every state except California, damn!


First I’ve seen of it but in the incentive breakdown it’s listed as “Southwest BC 2022 IDL Bonus Cash SWLNA” with program ID SWLNA. Not sure how it differs from the regional SW bonus cash.

Confirmed with Ally

Yeah, looks like TX tax credits were used because it was $0 on all the paperwork. I told the sales manager I didn’t want to use Ally because of the buyouts but he said he couldn’t get me the deal I wanted (under $500) if it was through CCAP. Not sure how true it is unfortunately, but that’s definitely something to think about.

IDL cash is available only through third party banks like US Bank and Ally, or through Stellantis Financial using the “standard” Stellantis rate. Chrysler Capital and Stellantis incentivized rates can’t get that money. I’m guessing that’s how Ally helped get to these numbers. Maybe Ally has a better pay plan than CCAP as well. I had several dealers try to steer me towards Ally and there must be some reason for it.

I just got out of an Ally lease on my 2020 Ram a couple months ago. I got out of it two months early and traded it in on another 2023 Ram lease. In order to get around the dealer fees that Ally charges the dealers on a buyout I purchased the truck and then turned around and traded it in to the dealership in basically the same transaction. I had to hand over the title after I got it in the mail. It saved a bunch of money doing it that way. The Ally lease back in 2020 was way cheaper then CCAP at that time. This time around they weren’t.

Nice job congratulations on the new ride!