[SIGNED: 2022 Explorer XLT] Reasonable Discount For Explorer/Grand Cherokee?

Hi all,

Located in SoCal and in the process of shopping for my parents since their lease is almost up and they are looking to get into either an Explorer or a Grand Cherokee. They’re insisting on leasing. Shot a few emails to a couple dealers but honestly not sure what is a realistic discount I can seek here.

Dealers seem to have a lot of Explorers on lots (less so with Grand Cherokees), so I figured maybe some movement is possible for an Explorer. What should I aim for? 5%-8%? Or should I be happy with MSRP?

Thank you all in advance.

Ended up getting a 2022 Explorer XLT 2WD. Not the most amazing numbers but for today’s market I think I did alright:
MSRP: $42,990
Agreed Sale Price: $39213.49 (8.78% off)
MF was marked up to roughly 3.7% I believe.
Monthly Payment (Including 10.25% tax): $477.89
Due At Signing: $3850 (Equity from expiring lease) + $779 for 1st Month’s Payment/Upfront Taxes

Dealer seemed to be interested in moving the specific unit so ended up getting a pretty high discount, which was welcoming given the lack of incentives. Again, this is by no means a great deal but given my parents really wanted an Explorer for some reason so I tried making that happen. Car comes with leather, 202A package etc.

Explorers don’t lease well so you’d be better off financing. In normal times discounts can be had but if you work you might be able to shave a few points off.

Same for the GC but your best bet there is to join tread lightly for the affiliate discount that gives you 1% under invoice and try to find a dealer that will take it and not mark up the MF like crazy. But if you can wait you’re better off ordering one through @Clutch for a massive discount. Good luck

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@clutch occasionally has some inventory units through his southwest dealer on the GC-L. I know he had a red limited posted recently with a decent discount. You’re not going to find much of a deal on an inventory unit at a CA dealer though.


Here is the breakdown of what I ended up doing/getting. After getting numbers in the high 500s and low 600s this was the best I could find around in this area.

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