Signed 🦄 2022 BMW 750i x-drive demo $ 639 monthly with $ 3870 DAS (36 month/10k miles & $110k MSRP)

Not about this vehicle.

I got a vm from them about a month ago, and was surprised when I started listening…

But it was the service department reminding me that service was due on a previous vehicle, which I’d replaced with an Audi after they :poop: all over my offer for this thing.


It’s a new 2022 model with only 13k miles. Let them keep it. :joy::grimacing:

I only wanted it if it was cheap, and I’ve moved on.

I already have a 750 with 13k miles… It’s a 2019. :smiley:


It is a great deal for 750. I didn’t have the luck to replicate the deal. Instead, we bought a CPO 2021 750 (msrp 115k) with 20k miles at $56k.


what would you offer for this car regarding purchasing?

I don’t think I’d buy it (leasing was my intention) but if that was the plan I’d probably use CPOs as comps now that there is no more lease support.

I found just two 2 CPO 2022 750i xDrives on Cargurus within 200 miles of the dealer, and while I haven’t compared equipment or looked closely at either listing, the one on the right looks like a decent comp based on mileage.

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