Signed 2022 BMW 750, $118k, $999 per month and TDAS


They had 2, the other one had Autobahn, someone grabbed it from right under me so had to stop negotiating and take this one.

MF marked up, but with the discount, they wouldn’t budge.

Didn’t do MSDs bc I intend on swapping out of it in 6-12 months and it’s obviously easier without them.


Very awesome, congrats!

Just happy to comment before someone says “ThE MoNeY FActOr Is MarKeD Up”


Any sophisticated hacker knows the dealer will structure it how they want to structure it. Base MF, smaller discount, works out the same. This was as cheap as I could find a loaded 750 and one of the only leases that I actually saw a little value.

RS Etron GT hackers are lucky we already have an Etron, otherwise I would’ve been swimming in that pool too as I see value there as well.


Congrats! Post pics in the trophy garage (or here)

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Missed the demo miles in calc

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Very good deal as the miles are very low on yours. I was also considering one but vehicle had been set in loaner almost 23 months ago. With 13 months of service and 23 months of warranty remaining and not to forget 12k miles of tire tread missing, I haven’t proceeded.

7 series is not a 30 cents adjustment?

Should be 30 cents

It is 30, but with a 5c delta per mile it’s harder to notice

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I made the calculator work as best I could. Effective is $999.


Congratulations! nice ride. Does BMWFS still do 2022 Leases?

The house way more impressive than the car



10 20 10 20

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Gorgeous. They have 1 more? Lol. Enjoy

I am sorry! What does 10 20 10 20 mean?

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So when there isn’t enough content, people type in 101010 or 20202020


Probably shooting hoops from the moonroof


Leave the ball in the car and put a hook shot up when I pull out of the driveway, shooting percentage roughly 97, give or take.


Steve Nash that you?