Signed: 2021 Volvo XC90 - $507+tax + $1k DAS Almost $61K with max MSD

Was super excited about the idea of getting an almost $61,000 2021 XC90 for under $500 a month (pre-tax) - mostly just thought it would be a good example to post on the forum.

Unfortunately there was some confusion on one of my rebates and it wasn’t as much as I was originally told. I liked the deal anyways so I didn’t want to blow everything up over that so this is what I came away with. Hope this serves as a reference for anyone else trying to negotiate an XC90 deal this month.

How does this look?

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Volvo XC90 T6 Momentum 7
Monthly Payment: $ $507 pre tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1,000 + MSD
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00158 base .00108 after max MSD
Residual: 61%
Incentives: Lease Cash, Costco, Loyalty, PenFed
Region: Midwest
Leasehackr Score: 9.5
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Edit - for whatever it’s worth and for documentation sakes for anyone else looking to lease an XC90 if the Allstate BonusDrive is added in as a post sale rebate it moves the score up to 9.8

You rolled your rebates into discount?

Post rebate still a strong discount for right now (ugh).

Yeah that’s how the dealership structured it. Seemed to prevent me having to pay tax on the incentives which I know I’ve had to do on BWM deals in the past so I didn’t argue with them.

You don’t pay tax any time it’s direct to dealer incentive.

Ahh good to know, thanks for the info.

What made you prefer the XC90 over other simy size luxury SUVs?
I have a 2018 XC90, lease ends soon, but all the big reviews rate it really low on reliability and maintenance, making me question whether I want to lease another one or not. My experience has only been positive, but maybe I was lucky - I don’t know.

Who cares it’s a lease. If you like the car that’s all that matters.

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“Nearly signed”, “Almost 61k”, “some confusion on one of my rebates” = useless post. There is nothing to share here.

Click the link - all the details there. :wink:

We haven’t had any reliability issues with our XC60, most of the equipment we wanted was standard, it seemed to be the best leasing vehicles in the class.

I’m confused. So if you could not get that deal, why would anybody else be able to get it?

So sign it and enjoy the car. I have the XC90 and its a fantastic ride

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Sorry for the confusion. I am signing it as posted in my original post. Picking up this weekend hence the nearly signed. The confusion with the dealer was with PenFed. He thought it was the same discount as A-plan (i.e. $750 instead of $500). If you were A-plan eligible you could structure the deal the same and get to the $499/mo price.

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How did you get the PenFed rebate? Did you have to initiate the deal through the PenFed buying service?

Yes, go to:

Log in with your PenFed credentials and there should be an option to generate a code within whatever brand you select.

I hope more folks were content with a $7/month price difference. Post pics after you pick up the car.

@smiegal - As long as you have been a member for at least 60 days, you can generate the code. There are no exceptions.

I’d say it’s a deal.

I’m in NY and working with a salesman. I have A-plan elite through work. I want an S60 Momentum T6. It’s a much cheaper car than the XC90. Mine has an MSRP of $48.

Best he can do for me for 3 years 10,000 miles is about $510/month. I was polite but in my head laughing. I am leasing a 2018 S90 Momentum T5 15k/year 36 month now for $586/month. So basically the S60 is leasing out at the same cost as the S90 after adjusting for miles. My lease is up soon and I can do lease pull ahead, but ain’t no way no how I’m paying $500/month for an S60. I wasn’t born yesterday.

Using a plan generally costs you more money than not using a plan, as it locks you in at a lower discount than can be otherwise achieved.

Just did a great deal on S60 with @autoleaseninjas in NY - might wanna PM him.