Signed - 2021 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD Chicagoland area

2021 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD + Premium Audio

This was the worst dealer experience I have had in my life… and I am not sure if it was me or them. Short story long, dealer refused to accept MSDs after I arrived to sign the deal. One finance manager went home for the day (who agreed to taking MSDs on the phone) leaving me a very stubborn finance director who said they do not apply. He gave me the “special lease rate can not be reduced with MSD” speech. I made a scene, complained, called every dealer in 30 miles, and eventually took the deal. It is unlike me to take the “L” on a deal like this but my father-in-law had enough of my making a big deal out of his car lease. Regardless, this deal without MSDs was about as good as I could reproduce at other dealers due to the low sale price so I figured I would share. The color combo of white with tan interior was also a challenge to find so it helped seal the deal.

2021 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD:
MSRP: $44,368.00
Selling Price $38,018.00
Monthly Payment: $365.00
Drive-Off Amount: $1,773.00 (first payment, acquisition fee, up front tax, plates doc etc)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00201
Residual: 67%
Incentives: $1,000.00
Region: Midwest
Leasehackr Score: 10

Deal was done on TFS paper. If the FFD would have accepted MSDs, the money factor would have dropped moving this monthly to ~$310.00.

Right now this is NOT the easiest lease to crack but I think this deal is beatable and repeatable. I did it in 4 hours today with my father in law. Good luck!


Ha, I wouldn’t dream of bringing my father-in-law along, his bipolar diabetic ass cramps my style, hard! Any reason you put yourself on a “I needed a deal today” time constraint? Deal seems decent.

The car was for him and we were just signing it.

His current lease is going back to kia this week and today is pretty much my only free day… If I didn’t help him out lord knows what he might lease. Win some lose some!

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Looks good for IL. Chicago burbs dealers deal midsize suvs like they’re sitting on gold. One of the dealers told me they won’t do zero DAS because IL law doesn’t allow it.

Pretty good deal. Mine is a little better, but good for your area non the less. Congrats!

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Ha, you’re a good man for helping him. I’m not sure I could help my in laws with a vehicle purchase, I’d probably just get in trouble with the wife.

Can you post either a calculator link or the contract without personal info?

I have never posted the calculator before. The info is all in the start of the post if the link doesn’t work. There is a few dollars of fudge factor in there. My payment is ~$5.00 off of what the calculator is showing but close enough for me.

Other info that is worth looking at on Highlanders in this area. Ally bank has a residual of 71% on a 36/10k lease. If a dealer will part with a car at a discount (none by me would that used ally), you can do a decent lease on their paper. US bank rates are garbage on highlanders right now here. Residuals are at 61%.


This discount is substantially more than anything I’m seeing in NY on an XSE. Dealers/brokers/experts, is it a regional thing or a trim level thing? Or the obvious third option, I just suck at this.

Define how you’re seeing pricing

XLEs are dime a dozen. Not so for XSEs.

The discount was really high. It was 4% more than the closest offer and that was a demo.

Most of the price quotes I received were 7-9.9% off. 14+ was very strange.

Imo the XSE won’t be any harder to get a price on than the XLE. You may have to settle on color but I doubt they sell as fast.

Pricing has been around 7% off MSRP before incentives. I’m not sure any of these dealers will get close to @Beard_Daddy’s deal but I’m sure I can get a little more out of them. Inventory is definitely more limited on the XSEs at the moment, but they are beginning to flow in steadily.

Chicago Tax ? Cook County ?

would you be able to share what dealer you went to?

I’m looking for a xle highlander in the chicago area.


I would feel bad sharing the dealer name after complaining about them. I truly think the car purchase price was a fluke. However I would recommend Jackie @ Continental Lagrange (us bank / tfs) Adam Costa @ Romeoville (Ally / TFS) or Abdullah @ Matteson (US Bank / tfs) All of them are no nonsense internet sales managers who I would buy from.

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