Signed 2021 MB GLC300, 36/10k, $518 w/tax, $1.3k DAS 8 MSD

I was coming out of an amazing deal from my last lease and am feeling kinda bad about this one.

I had a GLC 350e that I sold to Carmax for $1.6k net equity. It was in great condition and only had 8.5k miles, but I didn’t want to extend my lease. MB is no longer making the 350e and I didn’t want to be stuck owning it when the resell market goes back to normal.

I know I could have taken over someone else’s lease for a few months until the market got better, or taken out a Bolt for a year or something, but I honestly wanted to drive another new MB SUV and it clearly cost me. Sharing to understand what I could have tried to do better when negotiating this deal.

I asked around at many dealerships in my area and the deals were absolutely horrible, the “best” I could get was 2k DAS and $700+tax for $50k MSRP. Everyone blamed the shortage. Then I found a broker deal on the forum, but it was in SoCal. I asked one final dealership if they could beat that and here’s what they came back with:

2021 MB GLC300 4MATIC
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MSRP: $49,410
Selling Price: $43,400
Monthly Payment: $518
Drive-Off Amount: $1,323 (+MSDs)
MSDs: 8 ($4,800)
MF: .00002
Residual: 54% ($26,681)
Region: NorCal
Leasehackr Score: 8.4
Leasehackr Calculator Link

I had to mess around with the acquisition fee number because on my lease it says “N/A” but it was the only thing on the calculator I could adjust to get my monthly payment.

Right off the bat I could tell the residual amount was high. Another thing I noticed was that they were only letting me do 8 MSDs instead of the max 10. I asked 3 different people about this until the manager said that I could not do more than that because the MF was already “capped out.” Which didn’t sound quite right to me but I honestly don’t know if it’s true.

At the end of the day I never seem to quite understand how much exactly a lease should come out to. Would love to know if anyone notices anything obvious they would have flagged to the dealer. Thanks!


The calculator agrees, 8 does save about $1500 so it’s worth it, but you get no addition MF reduction beyond that.

Equity from the glc350e + 12% pre+incentive discount + buy rate + max MSDs. You did very good, especially in June 2021 - congratulations and enjoy!

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Thanks so much! I was beating myself up a little for knowingly going into a non-optimal deal, but at the end of the day I decided not downgrading was more important to me. Hearing this from you makes me feel much better.

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Doesn’t mean 10 people won’t trash it, but another 10 are going to ask for the dealer :wink:

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There are usually two different places on the contract where the acquisition fee will show up, depending on if it was capitalized or paid as part of the das. If it says n/a in one spot, my guess is you’ll find $1095 for it listed in the other.

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Yup, sure enough, I see it now. It’s not on the leasing act disclosures page but I see it in the lease information screen sheet as “total add caps” for 1095. That’s really helpful to understand what those numbers mean, thank you!

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Congratulation, can you share the dealer info and detailed incentives?

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Congrats, can you please share the dealer / salesperson info as I’m looking for a GLC also. Thanks