Signed - 2021 Mazda CX-9 Signature - $47,880 MSRP - $867.94 DAS - $522.82/mo

Region: North East

Lease Term: 36 months
Miles Per Year: 12,000
Money Factor: 0.00011
Residual: 58%
Zip: 07202

Shout out to Ryan at Auto Lease Ninjas!


Can you share the calculator link?

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I used Auto Lease Ninjas deal configurator. Sorry, I don’t know how to replicate this deal in the Leasehackr calculator.

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Looks like a nice deal in this market. Congrats on the new ride, great color. We have a CX-9 GT, it drives so nice - steering feel, throttle response, brake feel, etc.

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What fees does auto lease ninja require for this deal? For instance I assume theres a broker fee and perhaps a drop off fee?

$99 retainer fee to lock in the deal and a $349 broker fee.

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Good god post like these make me sick. No disrespect OP. This market sucks.


I agree, but I couldn’t find a more well rounded vehicle for $522 a month with only DMV fees and first month due at 36/12 anywhere else. Love the car!

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