SIGNED - 2021 Land Rover Defender 110 S One-Pay ($683 Effective Sign & Drive 24/10K)

Just picked this up for my mother’s birthday. Non-replicable deal as inventory is super tight and the sales manager at the store is a close personal friend, and I’ve given several unicorns to the other employees at his store. Really nice spec, Fuji White / Acorn with Black Pack, Heated Seats, ACC, Sliding Pano, 19’ Black Wheels, Off-Road Tires, Full-Size Spare, Comfort & Convenience (center console cooler, ambient lighting, meridian sound, blindspot, etc.) and Family Pack (3rd row).

$65,375 MSRP
$5,375 Discount
$60,000 Selling
77% RV / .00142 MF
24/10K - $16,405 incl 7.75% Tax


Wow that residual!


Son of the year!

Amazing hack - congratulations and Happy Birthday to Mom :birthday:

PS those kicks with white are hot :athletic_shoe::fire:


Congrats again brother, enjoy it in good health!

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Just curious, what was the 36 month residual?

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Congrats! Going to look sharp next to an aventador or G!


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Don’t forget the matching Manual 2017 Blizzard Pearl Metallic Corolla SE (my favorite to daily out of the bunch) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Congrats! Which bank has that RV?

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JLRFG (Chase), I hate US Bank with a burning passion.

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non-replicable YET…challenge accepted.

Did you have to use an employee PIN to get this deal?


Nope, just straight discount :cowboy_hat_face:

Damn there’s 20 in the whole country that are 2021 110 S and exactly ZERO are on the west cost.


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Ally has a sky high rv as well for 24 with higher mf. I haven’t had anything JLR Lh worthy in ages.

Obviously this things are holding value.



For the west coast, that might be true…but I’m in the midwest (not prime LR territory I know) and there are 17 within 200 miles of me and 26 if I include 20’s. That’s the weird thing about these, I’ve been watching and around here these can certainly be had…but still very few discounts unless you’re looking at 20’s, then it’s roughly 5% discount and varying increased MF.

BTW, great job to the deal to the OP! Great combo and pretty much exactly what I want.

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And 2 at Alexandria, but higher sticker.

Yes!!! Welcome!

How tacky is that side mirror illustration?

Didn’t plan on flipping this car but it was too tempting to say no with the Defender market.

Traded into my clients Rover store getting $28,105 back and paying a $5,000 difference to go into a pre-owned 2019 Range Rover that I’ll finance under Montana to help with the capital gains from previous hacks. It was an early surprise upgrade for my mother and $22k equity back in my pocket. Roughly $12k profit to drive a Defender for almost a year and roll equity into another profitable car. I’d classify that as a decent hack :cowboy_hat_face: