SIGNED 2021 Jeep Cherokee Limited AWD - $380/m

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Jeep Cherokee Limited AWD with 2.0L Turbo engine & Elite Package
MSRP: $39,260
Monthly Payment: $380
Drive-Off Amount: $380
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
Region: MA

This car comes with 2.0L Turbo engine and Elite Package. I could probably do better but I wanted to take advantage of Vroom’s offering of ~$5000 equity on my current lease as looks like the inventory is getting better and it won’t last much longer. I didn’t qualify for any special incentives such as FR, military, loyalty etc.

I took the delivery today but unfortunately the paperwork is not with me at this time to share more details.

Nice. My gf is in a 3yr 10k lease at 390/, shes on year 2, I might try to see if they can finagle a 21’ with that monthly cost and 12k a year. Post pics when you can!

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I am a bit late but didn’t have access to the paperwork until today due travel. Here is the paperwork and hope this helps someone even though this was signed in October.

MF and residual was .00002 and %58 if I am not mistaken

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3,000 down and 381 a month? How many miles allowed per year?

$0 down, first month ($381) drive off. 12k/year.

What was the MSRP on the car?

See the first post please.

Late to the party but is this 3.5% off MSRP? That what I’m looking at?

Seems like a decent deal off hand, I have Cherokee limiteds in my thread for 339/mo plus tax but on 42/10k.

To the point someone else made about 3.5% discount, there isn’t a ton of space from MSRP to invoice and then holdback on these cars.