Signed: 2021 Camaro LT1 $43,935 MSRP $378/mo After Tax $583 DAS

Special thanks to this forum as I never would’ve known about this deal without it :). I signed the lease on Jan 29th and haven’t posted because I wanted to wait till it arrived (supposedly feb 1) to post pics, but I don’t want to wait any longer lol. Hopefully it gets here soon, as GMF still wants my money. I know its not the best deal, but hard to find good deals on the must haves for me (sunroof, dual mode exhaust).

Color: Summit White
Options: Redline, RS, tech, red brake calipers, dual mode exhaust, power sunroof, auto trans

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Chevy Camaro LT1
MSRP: $43,935
Selling Price: $42,002
Monthly Payment: $357 (pre-tax) $378 w/tax
Drive-Off Amount: $583
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00028
Residual: 65%
Incentives: 1500 conquest, 750 supplier
Region: Midwest
Leasehackr Score: 9.9
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Uh…do you mean March 1? Otherwise what is the holdup?

Distribution center said it would arrive between jan 24 and feb 1. Still is sitting on their lot not being transported. Dealer claims they “lit a fire under their ass” but I’m not too sure how much I believe it all lol. Worst part is, the center is 20 mins from the dealer, and neither I nor them can just go and pick it up.

So did you already sign the deal/making payments or what is happening here? This seems super odd.

Yeah the dealer told me before I came in on the 29th it was arriving that day. After sitting there for 2 hours told me the range of dates. He promised me it’d be there on the 1st, and they’d drive it to my house about 40 mins away. I signed the contract, made my 1st payment with another due on march 1st. I reached out to GM Financial who doesn’t seem to care, they still want me to pay my 2nd payment on march 1 regardless if I have the vehicle or not. In hindsight, I should have just kept my deposit down on the car and had the porter/salesman bring the contract with them.

So you have effectively paid for a month of ownership, but still have not taken delivery? Or will they just credit your account/treat the lease as commencing when you actually get the car? Something is fishy here as you should not have lost almost a month of use despite paying for it with no car to speak of…

Yeah thats exactly what I’ve been saying as well. As it seems now, I have paid for a month of ownership with no vehicle to show for it. GMF said payments and terms starts when I sign the contract, not when I take delivery. Bunch of BS imo, but it is my mistake for signing instead of waiting till it got there. Idk what else to do, I have reached out to the dealer and chevrolet, neither claim they can do anything about it. It’s all on the distribution center is what I’m being told.

That’s a horrible story.

And really awful of GMF to not make a call to get you your car.

Look into your state law, if they have failed to give you what you paid for. I wonder if you have any remedy here

I’m a law student right now so I’ve got some ideas…don’t really want to pay for a lawyer though🤣I agree it’s pretty rough on GM for not being able to pull some strings. I’ve been with dodge my entire leasing life (charger, then challenger). Never had this kind of issue with them

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They made you sign at month end cause you can’t lock in rates with GM (like you would, say BMW)

How would you feel if you didn’t sign at month end and when the car came in the rates completely changed making the car significantly more expensive?

Except the rates have basically been the same since October. February has the same leasing deals as January. Wasn’t a risk I was afraid of. I just made the mistake of trusting my salesman who would tell me anything to get me in the door and ink on the paper, when he truly had no idea either.

Little update: Dealership agreed to pay the upcoming payment on March 1 if the vehicle still hasn’t arrived by then. Nice of them to do so considering GM Financial told me they won’t postpone the payment no matter what

what dealership did you go to :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a PM

It’s a decent deal especially for such a high msrp, but the delivery situation has me worried. They should pay for the first month regardless at this point. PM the dealer so I can avoid them.

My gut says Feldman…

Leaving this morning and come out to my baby on bricks…

Noooooooooo :sob::sob:

I have a 97 240sx and I have dreams that it gets stolen my wife tells me no one wants your pos


Where do you live?

wow, that sucks. Sorry man.

Hopefully insurance takes care of everything.

Redline wheels are beautiful (and expensive !)

Normally metro detroit, but this happened in Toledo.

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