Signed 2021 - BMW X4 M40i - MSRP $70,070, $675/mo, with $3,000 DAS


Thanks to Leasehackr, I learned a lot and was able to get a decent deal!
The dealer was really cool and easy to work with unlike any other dealerships around this area.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW X4 M40i
MSRP: $70,070
Selling Price: $61,355
Monthly Payment: $675
Drive-Off Amount: $3,000
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00093
Residual: 56%
Incentives: $3,000 ($750 loyalty, $1,000 college grad, $1,250 lease cash)
Region: PNW
Leasehackr Score: 8.8 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR


Great discount


Wow amazing deal and car! Which dealership was this at? Love the X4 but looking for an X3 M40i.

All 4 stores in WA chase gross and based on the MF on the calc, it wasn’t a last day of the month deal so my bet would be on an OR dealership with the car registered in WA, hence the WA tag on the thread.

To OP - amazing deal. Enjoy the car in good health.

Edit : Actually, based on the doc fee, this is definitely from an OR dealer. So my initial guess was correct.

One in OR!

You got it right! None of the WA dealerships would give me any good numbers, and they would ridiculously mark up the MF!!

Can you share the dealer? I’m looking for a BMW X3 and was not able to find a good deal in WA. Trying to reach out dealers in OR.

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Could you also share the dealer to me please?
I’m looking for BMW 530i xd.
Yeah, it’s really tough to find a nice dealer in WA.

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Hi there, same WA resident here. Want to lease a BMW X5, could you please share your dealer info in OR?
Great thanks!

What dealer? I PM’ed

Did you find who was the dealer?

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