Signed: 2021 BMW M340i Xdrive- MSRP 65,700- $539. 4500 DAS(taxes paid upfront)

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Thanks to @nyclife , I was able to secure a loaner m340i for an insane price. This car was discounted 14.5 percent with 2500 miles tracked on it and comes pretty loaded, almost 10k over base MSRP.

Thanks to college grad incentive, i was able to get $2500 of incentives added to an already great deal. with no MSDs, the LH score came out to 9.3, which was far and away the highest I could get from anyone else.


Gorgeous spec to boot! Love those wheels especially.


Wow that’s a lit deal. Congrats! I just got a blue one the other day.

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i am in love with the car

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Looking good!

Gorgeous ride and deal. Black over cognac :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

college grad gives $2500 in incentives now? I thought itwas a straight $1k

Total is 2500.

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