Signed: 2021 BMW M3 6MT, 36/12k, $832/mo 4k DAS

2021 BMW M3 6MT ordered back in February with @Clutch

First of all, shoutout to @Clutch for putting this deal together, being extremely helpful, patient, easy to stay in contact with, and everything else.

I previously hacked my own deals but this time I decided to with a broker since this model is extremely hot and I didn’t feel like putting in the work LOL

I am extremely happy with this deal as I ordered the car in the exact colors and options I wanted. I always dreamed of a green car and I think this one is fantastic. I don’t think it’s a unicorn deal but given the current market, I think it’s a great deal on a new M.

FYI: This car was ordered in February 2021, picked up from dealer on April 30th but with March 2021 program and incentives. I realize it’s June but I still wanted to share my story bc deals can be had at one point or another, even during a pandemic and because of this incredible community.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW M3 6MT (base, non competition)
MSRP: $75,845
Monthly Payment: $831.60
Drive-Off Amount: $4014.21 (831.60 1st mo. payment, $2115.87 taxes, $313.60 doc fee, $753.14 title fees)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: 00086 (base)
Residual: 56%
Incentives: Loyalty ($500) College grad ($1000) Penfed ($500) BMW CCA ($500 post-sale rebate, )
Region: Northeast, Midwest
Leasehackr Score: 7.5 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

The DAS is off by about $20. The dealer overcharged for the 3rd party service to do the registration on the car but they said they’ll refund me the extra. However it turns out that the NJ DMV is super backed up and the 3rd party agency so the dealer will end up sending the paperwork to my local DMV to complete the paperwork (not looking forward to the DMV visit - hopefully it’ll be smooth) Therefore I’ll be getting a full refund for the 3rd party service.

I’m from NJ and picked up the car in IL. The dealer was awesome to work with and the finance woman was not pushy at all. Was it worth it to go out-of-state? Hell yes!

Do not ask me for the dealer info, I worked with a broker.


Nice, post some pics!

Just updated the original post! :slight_smile:

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Gorgeous color combo!


Sweet and a 6MT to boot! Enjoy!

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Thank you! For me the color combo was the easy part, deciding on the wheel design took longer lol

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Thank you! #savethemanuals


We don’t have enough green cars on the road, well done


@Miclup1 wow wow wow. What a beauty. It was such a pleasure working with you on this beautiful M3. Shes gorgeous and we know you will enjoy driving every moment of it. Thank you for the opportunity my friend.Enjoy in good health. Please post some more pictures and congrats on this amazing deal


IMOG is my favorite color on the new G80/G82s.

@Clutch Can you tell us a bit more about how you made this work? Is it because of the 60 day lock for east coast? IIRC the incentives from order (Feb) or delivery (Apr) should have applied here.

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Insane deal. I’m seeing numbers like that for m340ix. I’m hoping to post my success story soon with whichever performance sedan wins my bid. Enjoy that car!

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Very brave combo. Congrats on the deal!

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I Still think this is the most beautiful color for the G80 M3. Eye catcher for sure

7.6 % off on a G8x…sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh
I can’t even get invoice on these :confused:

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LOVE THAT CAR and Color!!!


I agree that this color is amazing. It just doesn’t photograph too well. In photos it looks teal, but in person it’s actually green and it looks much better in person haha

Once again thank you! Will definitely post more pics soon

I hate you

  1. gorgeous gorgeous build - congratulations and enjoy!

  2. even though this is 0% reproducible now, useful to hear you had good luck using a broker, on a custom build, and got your car out of state. Thanks for sharing.


Could be worse. In SoCal you can’t even get it for MSRP.