(Signed) 2021 BMW 330i MSRP $47175, 36/10 DAS $2k, $511.26 + tax/month

Signed on 9/30

MSRP $47175
Sale Price $44093
RV 58%
MF 0.00093
36mo 10k miles
DAS $2k
Lease credit $1k
No loyalty
No Grad
Nothing :wink:
Payment $511.26 + (7.75% tax) = $550.88/month

Got one for wife and this is definitely not a great deal but man… it really is hard to get good deals right now and just wanted to share with whoever shopping for 3 series.

Talked to maybe 5?6? different dealers and half of them wanted just MSRP especially for cognac brown interior. Wife really wanted this color :upside_down_face:

One of them was offering some discount on black/black.

is CCA still worth it? Never tried. :face_with_monocle:


You did good considering you had no loyalty or bmw cca and in this environment.

Yes, BMW CCA is worth it. Look into for your next BMW.

(Big fan of Cognac interior too)


good to know they didn’t destroy the 3 series like the way the hideous 4 series looks


May i have the sales or dealer information?
Thank you