Signed: 2020 VW Tiguan SE R-Line AWD $33k MSRP $299/mo


Helped my sister out on this deal:

2020 VW Tiguan SE R-line AWD

MF: .00012
Residual: 48%

MSRP $33275

$1800 DAS, (including first month, fees and $920 in upfront NJ taxes)

She wasn’t eligible for any special incentives.

Calculator Link:

Leasehackr score: 8.8 years


Sure there wasn’t $1975 in incentives? Looks like a good deal irrespective of that, especially in the current market.

Nice deal. I would’ve thought these Tiguans would lease for much more especially the R Line trim.

The only Tiguan that looks decent imo…

Def nicer looking than a CRV, RAV or CX5 :sleeping:


2018 Tiguan SEL driver here. This is a fantastic deal in my opinion.

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I don’t have her paperwork in front of me anymore but I don’t remember seeing anything under incentives… sorry I can’t give you a definite answer on that one

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Hey can you share the dealer?

Hi looks like a great deal. Can you please share the dealer

Open Road VW in Bridgewater, worked with Bo. Good luck!

I’d love to replicate this deal.

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I just left a dealer in Boston who told me on a 39/10k 1800DAS on the same vehicle. Edmunds projected a better residual and MF too…