Signed! 2020 Volvo V60CC, MSRP $50,900, $386 per month including tax ($360 + tax), $500 DAS, 36 months, 12,000 miles

First off, I’d like to thank those to whom I was a pain in the tuchis, mostly @Bostoncarconcierge (not forgetting you either, @Ursus!), because it was REALLY difficult to find this car in this color combination with the CC pro package. I saw maybe one or two others without it and one with advanced and not CC pro. This car is for my parents, so I needed very specific things, and my dad was adamant on color! Dealerships also really started to pull back on pricing when my dad finally made up his mind. I waited to post this until the paperwork came today. The car will be sent out this week! (Shipping not factored into the price because I’m sending my car down from NY with it, and 2 cars are barely more expensive than one.)

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 V60CC (cross-country)
MSRP: $50,900
Selling price: $45,606 (10.4% off)
Monthly Payment: $386* (my dad wanted tire and wheel, so true monthly with it is $411; two calculators below)
Drive-Off Amount: $1,000 ($500 back from Bonus Drive, so it is really only $500)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: 0.00029
Residual: 53%
Incentives: $2,950 lease + $2,000 Costco + $2,000 first responder + $750 A-plan = $7,700
Region: NE, but car is going to Florida
Leasehackr Score: 11.2
Leasehackr Calculator Link:
Without wheel and tire:

Including wheel and tire:

This is 0.807% for those who live by that silly metric and 0.758% without wheel and tire but including tax.

No, this isn’t replicable (it took a lot of work to get dealerships to back off of invoice given the upcoming inventory shortage), and please don’t ask me for the dealership info.

Pictures to come when it arrives this week!


New wagon? No advanced but pro package? Awesome deal Ashleigh!

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Thanks! No need for advanced for my parents. I don’t have it on my car either. We were also sticking to a strict budget. It has CC pro, protection premier, and heated rear seats and steering (need this in Fort Lauderdale like I need a hole in my head).


Really awesome deal! Hope your parents enjoy the car!

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I’m working on something similar, I beat this on a V60 wagon with same MSRP, but my dad wants height. He’s set on the CC. They’ll enjoy this nevertheless, with heated seats in FL, least it’s not undercoating.

Even though it is warm down there. A “colder” winter day can make some heated seats a very useful item for that 1 day out of the year.

My parents are in West Palm Beach and use those heated seats once a year in the winter when the temps are in the 40s. Not quite the same as in NY but it they still get used.

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what color is it?

Extremely rare white and also amber that runs in the family


Crystal white on amber! I would have settled for ice white and told him “at least it’s white,” but there weren’t any either. I searched all dealers where I had contacts, on CarGurus,, autotrader, Volvo, you name it. It also had to be new and not a loaner.

I also reached out to several other brokers on here and there wasn’t anything!

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yeah those are rare.

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I believe heated front seats are standard, and the option is heated rear and steering. There is so rarely anyone in the back, other than the dog!

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One of the more pleasant things about shopping for a Volvo is speccing one out. I was shopping against BMW and Merc and couldn’t believe how every little fking thing was an option. Volvo only has a few packages and that’s it. With Merc, pano glass as an option, Carplay is an option. Just about bugs the shit out of me, there are way too many combinations of specs resulting in lesser of chance there is one optioned exactly how I want it.


Look what came today! More pictures to come - too humid because it’s about to rain!


Much better than the XC60 IMO!! Congrats!


Thanks, too bad it’s not mine, but I’m still going to stay down here a little longer, so I should get to drive it a little! Thanks for looking into your inventory for me!

.807 on a Volvo? That’s overpaying!

Nah, and that includes wheel and tire too. Don’t forget it’s new, not a loaner! It has a whopping 14 miles on it.

How are those ventilated cooling seats in the FL heat? I’m in NV and really wondering.

You need the luxury package to get ventilated seats, and neither of our Volvos have it. My experience with ventilated seats was that I didn’t even feel a difference. The heat in FL is also totally different from the heat in NV because of the humidity. Good luck!