Signed 2020 Trax

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim:2020 Chevy Trax Fwd LT
MSRP: $24685
Monthly Payment: $238.36 ($218 pretax)
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:12k
Leasehackr Score:9.4

Replacing the 2017 that was had for cheap😢

sounds like an awesome deal to me

Solid Deal. Good job.

I would’ve thought the TRAX should be a SUB $200/mo car… maybe a 20% discount would accomplish those numbers… Encore has a much better interior and it leased for around $150/mo

Either way, enjoy it

I got my Trax 2 years ago for $155, but that was during December with all of the end of year and Costco incentives.