Signed: 2020 Mercedes-Benz C300, $410/mo, $2,175 DAS

Curious to hear what people think of this deal…I’ve already signed it…

MSRP: $43,800
Monthly: $410
DAS: $2,175
Term: 36 months
Mileage: 10k

What was the selling price?

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Agree Upon Value of Car: $37,192
Gross Capitalized Cost: $39,657

You mean the sale price?

Does your monthly include tax? If not, that seems similiar the deal that at least a couple of LA dealers are offering from a first communication. You’re not getting ripped off, but it’s not a particularly strong deal, either.

  1. It doesn’t use the language “Sale Price”, but the MSRP was $43,800 and the contract stipulates the “Agreed upon value of the vehicle as equipped at the time of Lease signing” is $37,192.

  2. Yes, the $410 includes tax.