Signed! 2020 M340i Loaner: $62K MSRP $2K DAS - $504

Hi All!

Longtime lurker, first time poster! Thank you all for the help!

2020 M340i Demo w/ 4300mi on it. This is last and only M340i demo they had.

Reached out previously about the car and we were not eye to eye…reached out again Friday morning with an offer to them basically saying “hey, you’ve had this for a little while, let’s make a deal” and he came back strong. I wasn’t losing the car over a few bucks a month and it’s not like M340i loaners grow on trees.

They were happy, I’m happy, life’s good. Could I have squeezed for a few more? Maybe, but Mocha interior makes up for it and it’s local dealer…

Mineral White Metallic
Mocha Vernasca w/ Contrast stitching
19” Rims
Premium Package
Parking Assistance Package
Driving Assistance Package
Ambient Lighting
Remote Start
Remote Closing Trunk

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 M340i
MSRP: $61,605
Selling Price: $52,277 (15.1.% off)
Monthly Payment: $504
Drive-Off Amount: $2000
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00118
Residual: 60% - Residual Amount
Incentives: Conquest, Lease Cash
Region: SE
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Wasn’t sure how to make 2K DAS so made it for full acquisition up front…


Nice! Share some pics! Congrats!

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Added pics!

Very nice.

Find a loaner, watch it until the deal is right, and pull the trigger when you get a number you like. Great to see tenacity can pay off - especially in this tight inventory environment.

Looks like a good deal:
15-20% pre-incentive discount - check
Buy rate MF - check
No inflated fees or junk add-ons - check
Preferred options - check

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Congrats on the car, but did they swap the wheels out for 330i wheels?

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Those wheels are not the same as the owners. Look closer at the individual spokes

Wrong wheel, my fault.

I was curious about the rims myself, however they are an option, and there are other M340i with those rims as option…checked on

Oh I see, didn’t know that.

Good job and awesome car …

I’ve promised myself that my next BMW will have either Cognac or Mocha interior. Both absolutely gorgeous. So sick and tired of Black interiors…

I believe those are the 19” Orbit Grey wheels. Those are also optional on some 330i’s FYI

Just adjust the down payment amount until the DAS matches

Mocha leather is gone for the 2021 3 Series (in the US, at least), just fyi

What’s the best way to source a M340i loaner?

There were (until last week) a couple available in the Chicago area. Most BMW dealer websites have “Demo or Loaner” inventory listed.

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I search on with filter of < 5000mi and then check the carfax for ones I’m interested. If loaner/demo you usually see “dealer took ownership of vehicle” or something along those lines.

Congrats nothing like hacking a Fart car in the A.M. :upside_down_face:

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Not necessarily. What I usually look for is a vehicle delivered to that same dealer, corporate fleet or rental dmv tag or never titled, below 5k miles, and just call to double check.