Signed - 2020 Lexus NX300 FSport $324/w Tax + MSD +1st 36/12 (FL)

Went this weekend to Lexus with no intent on leasing. Just browsing color options while I considered the NX vs Rav4.

Not much negotiation, I was taken aback by their offer and went forward with it. I was in and out in less than 2hrs. I couldn’t get the calc to work but these are my numbers.

MSRP 40743
Gross Cap Cost 36420.49
Cap Cost Reduction 2668.98
Adjusted Cap Cost 33751.51
Residual 22816.08
Depreciation 10935.43
Rent Charge 20.52
Total of Base Monthly Payment 304.33
Monthly Sales Tax 19.78
Total Monthly 324.11

Amount due at signing:

  • Cap Cost Reduction: 2668.98
  • First Month: 324.11
  • Refundable Security Deposit: 3300
  • Reg Fee: 203.04
  • Tax On Cap Cost Reduction: 173.48
  • Upfront Tax on Fees: 0.39
  • Total $6670
  • -3000 Rebates
  • = 3300MSD, 1st Month, and some change ($45.89).

So total: $324.11 with tax/mo, $45.89, 3300MSD. 36/12

I got new plates and they said they ate some of that cost, not sure if it’s reflected here.
Without MSD I believe it was around $370ish but we decided to do MSD.
Wear and Tear was +$25/mo but I declined.

This is in Florida and when I asked if they could replicate the deal they said yes. I can put you in contact with the sales person if interested.

Hopefully I did well, even though I can’t get the calc to fit.


Where in Florida?

Please share your contact I want that exactly, thank you!

Can you share the dealer. thanks

Can you please share the dealer information.

Can you please share the dealer information
Thank you :pray:

can you share dealership info. have someone looking for an NX. Thx.

Cap Cost Reduction 2668.98
Was that a trade-in of your old car?

Also what do you prefer the NX over thr Rav4?

Looks like that came out of the rebate.

I believe it was part of the the rebate, there was no trade in.

We previously had an nx200t and rav4 so we are familiar with both. You should drive both nx300 and rav4 and see what works for you. It was a math problem for us and the NX was the cheaper lease.

PM’s sent to those that asked.

Hi, Can I also have a copy of your estimate. I am trying to work out a deal for a Nx 300 (not f sport) and they did say they would price match if I could produce the deal. TIA

This was pretty confusing to read.

Please share dealer info and quote I am looking to lease an NX f sport. Thank you!!!

That’s a very low MSRP for that model with the sport package. Would like to know the dealership name. Coming out of a RX350 lease. Thanks.