🦄? SIGNED 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport S DEMO $47k $341+tax $1.5k DAS

2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport P250 S DEMO
MSRP: $47k (negotiated about 22%-23% off)
Monthly Payment: $341 pre tax
Drive-Off Amount: $1,500 (tax, title, reg, notary, dealer stuff, etc)
Auto transport fee: $450
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10k

I don’t have all of the calculations but I think this deal is INCREDIBLE! @HersheySweet was there every step of the way and we got this deal done in less than 48 hours. Curtis was able to get me the color, options, interior color, everything I wanted on this car. I live in South Florida where dealers are notoriously horrendous and tough to deal with.

Love this non obstructed view moonroof.


Nice work!

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Wow! That’s some awesome deal, Congratulations, I’ve been wanting to get an Evoque for a while now but haven’t found the best moment to catch a cheesy deal like yours

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Thanks so much! I couldn’t of done it without @HersheySweet and couldn’t recommend him enough. He has a great relationship with the Land Rover dealers and gave me the bottom line right away. Good luck and stay safe!

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