Signed: 2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport w/ Automatic - $316/mo $316 DAS - $38,810 MSRP via Rodo

Secured using Rodo app. Dealer was in PA about 45 miles from my home in NJ. The total process of placing the order through Rodo and then picking up the vehicle from the dealership happened in 24 hours and went smoothly with no surprises or issues.

This deal was substantially better then my attempts to negotiate directly with 2 other dealerships in NJ, where I couldn’t get past 2% below invoice (truecar/affiliate price). Rodo deal was a take-it-or-leave-it proposition as PA dealer wouldn’t consider any additional rebates and it had more fees then I would like (including etched glass) but I was happy with the overall outcome.

MSRP: $38,180
Selling: $34,539 (pre-incentive ~7% Below Invoice)
Taxed Incentives: $2000
Term: 36mo / 10k mile
Residual: 76%
MF: .00224 (FCA Tier 1)
LH Score: 10.7 years

$316 DAS and $316/mo inc NJ tax.

Vehicle had $1000 in typical dealer installed options not disclosed on rodo app, including lifetime powertrain warranty, door guard, interior fabric protection, mopar wheel locks and nitro fill tires. Not sure that’s actually worth $1000 but it’s worth something, somewhat negates the etch glass at least.

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Love the color!
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Is that a soft top? How has it been driving around with that? I’ve been keeping an eye on these via Rodo to see what pops up, but seems all the cheaper deals are soft tops.

It’s the standard soft top – No complaints, I love it. One person can have the whole top pulled back in about 30 seconds. Where-as the hard top takes 2 people and/or a hoist and then a massive amount of garage space to store it. It’s a little louder on the highway but it’s entirely bearable. Biggest downside is no roof rack but, with the bed, I guess I don’t need a roof rack anymore.

Here is with my JKU Smokey Mountain Wheels. Tires are next;


Looks good.

I have found that I hate being in a convertible, so that hardtop would likely never come off if I had a gladiator or wrangler.

Even when I had my CJ7 as a teenager, I maybe dropped the top a total of 3 times.

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Same here. Great looking truck and great deal OP!

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Does it fit in a regular sized garage? The pickup bed looks extra long compared to other pickups.

There is no such thing as a standard garage size. Measure yours and then …

Haha. Not looking to lease a jeep. Was just curious.

I LOVE this color. I’m really interested in snagging one of these.

Went to dealer last week and drove the soft top and hard top. Definitely preferred the hard top because of the wind noise. It wasn’t that hard to remove the front two panels either. The rear def need another person.

They offered me a 3 yr lease with $3k down and $300 a month. I believe the RV was 70%. Very very very tempted to snag that.

Congrats and take it off some sweet jumps!

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It’s a 5 foot bed, so shorter then your standard Chevy or GMC short bed. It’s about the same size as a 4 door GMC Canyon/Colorado, a bit shorter then a 4 door Tacoma.

From the side view, it looks long in the photo. Appreciate the clarification.


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@z0lt3c Since it is a lease are you planning on doing any mods? I noticed you put aftermarket JK wheels on. Will you just put the old rims back when the lease is done? That is the issue I’m having leasing vs buying. If I put aftermarket rims I’m going to have to store the factory ones then put them back once the lease is done (which is not ideal).

@ilovetohack One of the reasons I opted for the 36 month term, over 24 months, is because I am planning to put a few thousand into mild modifications. My plan is to install all the mods right away to get a full 3 years enjoying them. If it’s easy to swap the original parts back, such as with wheels, I will. Otherwise, I rarely take a lease to completion, I almost always transfer or buy them out, in which case there is value in leaving the parts in place. The other nice thing about FCA is they do the labor on the modification (like with a lift) it will be covered by, and not void, warranty.

Thanks for the information @z0lt3c. Really good to know about not voiding the warranty. I plan on doing a 3.5 inch lift with 37 inch tires.

That color is fire!!!

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