SIGNED: 2020 Infiniti QX60 Luxe, effective $385/mo tax incl

Signed this deal yesterday!

2020 Infiniti QX60 Luxe FWD w/ Essential, ProAssist & Metallic Paint
MSRP: $52750
Monthly Payment: ~ $385 with tax incl**
Drive-Off Amount: $2000
Months: 30
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: 0.00003
Residual: 58%
Incentives: $3000 in rebates
Region: Southern California
Leasehackr Score: ~11.5

**I actually added the Premium Protection package and Excess Wear and Tear (kids can do some serious damage to a car) because I want the peace of mind, and they got the base payment down so low. Maintenance is also included.

They also paid off my last two remaining payments after showing a written offer from another dealer to do so.

I’m coming out of a 2016 QX60 $50k MSRP lease, and am paying less for $2.5k more car and the upgraded protection package. My total monthly payment is $440 with tax, about $15 less than my previous lease.


Was the mileage 12k and where in SoCal? LA or OC?

Yes, 12k and Los Angeles/SFV.

Sending you a PM

What is the sale price?

I’m familiar with the SFV, can you please send me the dealership information and contact name?

Congrats, great car.

Just to be clear, you are paying $444 a month including tax and you have also paid $2000 drive off? What did drive off include?

Can you send me the dealer info and contact please? TIA

I’m also curious what your sale price was and how much the protection package is. By my calculations you paid the equivalent of $506/month (if you were to put 0 down). Seems kind of high but I can only assume that’s because you rolled in a few months of payments from your old car. Any reason why you decided not to do 39 months and MSDs?

Hi can you please share the dealer info/contact with me?

Hi can you please share the dealer contact pls

There’s only one Infiniti dealer in SFV…

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Hats off to this deal :tophat::tophat::tophat:

This is exactly where this model and trim should be numbers wise without spending months on end looking.

Sure you worked the sales rep to work the manager.

Has anyone gotten a similar deal in Northern California?