Signed! 2020 Hyundai Kona EV Limited $198/mo, $198 DAS

Just signed, 2, Kona EV Limiteds at a NY dealer in LI. Shady tricks left and right but at the end pulled through by catching them and getting these.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Kona EV Limited
MSRP: $43450
Selling Price: $41707
Monthly Payment: $190
Drive-Off Amount: $190 + 235 DMV
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00034
Residual: 47%
Incentives: 15750 lease cash, 2000 NY Clean Rebate
Region: NY
Leasehackr Score: 19.6
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


I can tell You here there is nothing to be proud of .
Do You recognize the posts below?
From the beginning, You were playing with the numbers
Sounds like paying $249 broker fee is too much for You.
Speechless. Enjoy Your new ride !!!




you just haven’t been here long enough when this guy was hitting everybody up looking for $250 3 series loaners. this isn’t new lol. the more experienced guys know who to ignore…


Yea, @GOAT or @anon68146833 do You have more nicknames?

I think the take-away here is that even when the buyer is determined to use shady tricks, and spend hours if not days shopping between dealers/brokers, the best they could do was $1/month cheaper than the broker pricing that’s advertised here for all.

It’s a good deal, but it sounds like you put in a real fight to get it, and you only got $1/month cheaper than the price anyone could pay with no effort. I see this deal as a validation that the broker pricing you see on LeaseHackr is truly among the cheapest there is, especially on new Hyundais in the Northeast.

Enjoy the cars, the Kona EV is awesome!


Ones OP paid my fee i gave him cell phone # to my Sales Manager so He knew where to go and where to start the negotiations from.

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Fwiw, your “trusted” dealer tried to lie to me about my credit approval and jacked up the selling price to over msrp which if i had gone through you i would’ve overlooked thinking your best interests were aligned with mine and not the dealers so after I would’ve figured it out at home, would that make you feel better?

Also your deal was 199/mo + 1st & dmv. I wouldn’t have canceled on your deal if you would’ve updated your calculator in your post which i even sent back to you to see if thats the correct price. I got them for $190/mo + 1st & dmv and I only went through the GSM.

I bet you’re not even licensed and bonded in NYS because we never signed a contract and who would i come after for damages when i would’ve gotten fleeced $1k on each deal?

As i said You played with the numbers from the beginning. Anyhow . At Least You should say Thank You for providing Dealer contact info LOL but i think You know everything better so do no bother Yourself.

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I did not send You there. It was YOUR choice to go there and deal with Finance Manager behind my back LOL


Can i get name of the dealership you got this deal from? need one

Please pm dealer info, thanks

Knowing the name of the dealer alone likely won’t replicate this deal. Seems like @anon68146833 had to negotiate with the dealer and fight back against “shady tricks left and right.” Also, the deal was from a month ago; programs change every month!

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