SIGNED: 2020 Honda Odyssey EX-L

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Honda Odyssey EX-L
MSRP: $ 39,055
Monthly Payment: $415
Drive-Off Amount: $415
Annual Mileage:12,000
Gross Capitalization Cost: $33.221.20 plus dealer fees, acquisition, etc =34,416.37
(They snuck a key replacement warranty into the deal for $399…shady)
Residual Value: 22,724.40
.00112 MF and 58%
$750 incentive plus $1,000 lease loyalty

Just picked up this deal for my wife. Feel like we got a decent price. I’m still looking through all the paperwork for the MF, residual and incentives.


Nice deal…

These dealers are becoming more and more sophisticated with including shiet arse fees into deals.

$399 replacement key coverage? Really?

Yep. Didn’t try to sell her a single add on in the finance office. Just had her sign all the typical documents and one just happened to be the key warranty. Didn’t catch it until we were home and I went through the paperwork.