Signed: 2020 GLB 250 Loaner $305 /month, $2,000 DAS (PNW)

It all happened so fast in the dealership. I had everything calculated out but they didn’t want to do Security deposits. They offered to bring the selling price of the car down + include some extras (Mercedes prepaid maintenance $1,100, Mercedes Lease Care $774). I’m not happy that I put money down but I’m still happy with the deal I received overall. Any thoughts? Any idea if I can get a refund for the PPM and Lease protection package?

2020 Mercedes GLB250 AWD loaner with 1K miles, Mercedes PPM and First Class Lease Protection (FCLP)

MSRP: $47, 135 (MSRP w/ PPM $48,245)
Monthly Payment: $305 w/ Tax
Drive-Off Amount: $2,000 (First months payment, remaining as a cap cost reduction)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00173
Residual: 60%
Incentives: 500 Mercedes corporate fleet
Region: PNW - WA State
Leasehackr Score: 12.9
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Good deal, congrats!

Nice deal!

The PPM might be worth keeping but I believe you can cancel the lease protection. May want to just keep it and throw the dealership a bone because this is an amazing deal (especially considering the add ons that got added do still have some value).

oh wow. Congrats! I also live in WA. Would you mind share the dealership name? Appreciate it

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Yeah, if the dealer residualized the PPM, why not just keep it since the overall price is quite good.

Congrats on this great deal!

Just curious, is there any reason why they didn’t want you to use MSDs? I always thought that MSD savings come from the financing company, but it sounds like it might come out of a dealer’s poker.

The finance manager just said it was a lot of work and paperwork and he would rather not do Security Deposits. He said he would rather sell me the car at a lower cap cost and do away with security deposits.

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It’s not. It’s literally a few keystrokes on his computer. But this isn’t the first time we’ve heard some form of excuse to avoid learning something new.

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It’s a shame because this deal with MSDs would have been insane.

Having a stupid manager lower the price to equal the post-MSD payment without MSD isn’t a bad outcome, though.


Is this something that can be done in Ohio?

Can you share the dealership? And sales person ?

Yup! Downtown Seattle Mercedes Benz

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Great deal, especially for our area. Screw our tax rate & car tabs though! You should add WA as a tag as well so people can easily search it. Did you feel like the dealership was willing to negotiate in general or mostly just because it was a loaner?

Thanks for the advice, I added the tag!
From what I know, MBenz downtown Seattle is a volume dealer so they’ve seemed very willing to engage/negotiate.

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Anyone know if this is possible to replicate in Norcal? Living in SF and I’m trying to help my dad with a lease.