Signed: 2020 F-Type SVR $1174/mo, 2,294 DAS

I think I made out well. The car is a demo with 3k miles, in ultra blue with carbon ceramic brakes. This is my first lease (and my first car)! Will post pics on Monday when car is delivered.

Let me know how I did (people laughed when I said my goal was $50k off, but I guess they were right because I only got $48,000 off :frowning: )

MSRP: $143245
Discount : $48,258 (33.7%)
Sales price: $94,987
Monthly Payment: $1,174
Drive-Off Amount: $2,294
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00047
Residual: 41% ($58,730)
Incentives: $0
Region: Northeast
Leasehackr Score: 10.5 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Welcome to the cat club :slightly_smiling_face:

Any reason you didn’t just buy it? Seems like you’d have come out ahead, assuming they’re accurate with that awful residual.


I personally didn’t want to get stuck with it if the economy is still slow in a couple years time. The comfort of knowing it’ll be gone if I want it to be is nice.

$45k over the span of 3 years


$43.3k to drive a $143k car for 3 years is pretty good. Depreciation on these type of cars are terrible.


Only an $18,000 net loss for the dealership with current programs. Not too bad compared to how bad we got slaughtered on I-Paces in January.

Congrats and enjoy it in good health.

Edit - it looks like it was punched so more like a $16,000 net loss.


Sick car! Congrats and drive it in good health. Since it’s your first car, please treat her right, and don’t do anything crazy with all of that power.


pics or it wasnt leased

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Previously stated…


I’m lucky to have driven my fair share of these ‘super sports cars’ (2018 911 Turbo S, Tuned GTR (650 whp), some American muscle with 3 pedals, M6, RS5, RS7) so hopefully I should be okay, and the AWD will keep me in check!

Nice! We want to hear that exhaust :notes:!


Does JLR allow transfers?

No they don’t!

NYCLife is correct, Chase doesn’t allow trasnfers. But I don’t think I’ll want to transfer it before my time is up! I’m taking delivery in 30-40 minutes! Very Excited!


Send pics when you do :+1:

Im closing this and all of your future threads if you don’t post pics! Just kidding, but seriously; I came here exclusively for the pics.

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I second @StingerTT gotta drop some pictures when you’re done with the delivery inspection and walkthrough!

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Here are some pictures, sorry for the wait, I just had to take her for a spin!

A close up of those sweeeeet carbon ceramics.

Here’s some videos of the beast:

And another of it moving:

Hope this is enough to satisfy everyone!


Ooooohhhhhh. Pretty.

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Looks fantastic! Great choice :grinning:

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