SIGNED! 2020 Bolt Premier - $6000 - Thanks for the info everyone

Great Lakes region.

So I get a call last week asking if I want to turn my current GM lease in early (5 months early). They said they’ll eat the payments, waive any fees, and didn’t care about any excess wear/tear. Riiiigghhhttt.

This is where I do a google search and find you guys! Per some advice here and over on edmunds, I do a quick online quote and also NADA check, and they’re all coming in about $2k under my payoff quoted by GM Financial. So again, I’m thinking this dealer is just trying to get me in the door. I call around a couple other dealers to see what their Bolt deals were and what they’d offer for me lease. I’m getting lease offers in the $8-9K range. Hard. Pass.

So I stop in to the original dealer expecting to hear why that was just a “hypothetical” offer, but they were 100% serious.

I managed to negotiate 12.5% off the premier, as they had a few on the lot and we’re getting close to snowy time. My incentives were $6750 lease cash, $3000 Costco, $1500 Loyalty.

One-pay was $6000 out the door for everything. I don’t get a fancy state rebate or 0% tax like some of these awesome deals on here, but overall I think a score of 22 years is pretty great. My car insurance went up a whopping $22/year.

This was a strange experience for me, as I love cars and test drive everything. This time I really didn’t care about the drive/comfort or anything with the car (I didn’t even test drive it), as I was just looking at something cheap for the next few years. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised so far driving around town. I have no issues with the seat, and the “rough” ride is no different than my impala and it’s massive rims.

Thanks for all the info on here - I wouldn’t have been confident pushing for that discount off the MSRP had I not already been aware others have done. You da real MVP…


Boltmania lives! Congrats and enjoy!


Thanks for sharing your calc! Enjoy.

Congrats on the deal! Super discount.

So funny, I didn’t test drive it either, but had driven a Tesla before and knew that the Bolt had won MT Car of the Year, so figured it couldn’t be awful. It’s actually pretty great - and perhaps more importantly, my wife LOVES it.

I agree with OP . Snow is coming to northem part od NY. Great deals are showing up. This is a mesage for fhose from southern NY if they are not afraid to take 6 hours drive home. Decent inventory. From my recent experience You can get $199/m with all ttf rolled in for 36/12k miles a year for $40k loaded LT trim.

Happy hunting.

Impressive, these deals are getting better and better!

Throw the shifter in L mode and enjoy one pedal driving, if you’re doing any serious snow driving consider a different set of tires.

Well done! This is a great example in how to properly do research when looking for a new lease. You didn’t agree to anything until you gathered information here and Edmunds, and you negotiated with multiple dealers and took advantage of all incentives you qualified for. Newbies take note :slight_smile:


Yes, L mode is great. I was surprised how quickly I adapted to it with smoooooth slow downs. Do the break lights come on when you do this or no?

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Yeah, thanks! I can’t take all the credit, as the dealers were willing to deal, too. The one I ended up going through said they appreciated me being up-front with what I wanted, just because it can be a long drawn-out process otherwise.

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Yes, you’ll notice at night, the third brake light can be seen the rear view mirror

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How much per month was the 5 payments they ate?

GM employee discount or no?

$330/mo. I do not have GM discount.

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