Signed 2020 BMW X3 M40i

2020 BMW X3 M40i (new 6mile odo)

MSRP: $64,795
Sales Price: $55,250 (14.7% after incentive) $58,000 (10.5% pre-incentive)
Annual Mileage: 12,000miles
MF: 0.00093(after MSD) base: 0.00128
Residual: 57%
Drive-Off Amount: $3,669 (Acquisition, Doc, 1st month, Tax 7.5%) + 7 MSD $4,200
Monthly Payment: $595
Incentives: $2,750 ($1,500 Loyalty + $1,250 Lease support for my zip)
Post Rebate: CCA $500
Region: OH
Leasehackr Score: 8.6
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Initially was looking for Volvo XC60 T6, I liked X3 M40i much better so I changed my mind last minute yesterday and started calling, emailing dealers around as well as PMing brokers here.

I know I could do better and some of Broker deals I talked to are little better (11%~12% off pre-incentive on 2020 new models I’ve seen with 8.4yr score ~8.8ish) But, there is no Ohio broker with X3 M40, most out of state brokers responded they wanted to focus on their local deals this time of the year.

So considering saving broker fee + shipping (or flight), my 1st lease I think I’m okay with what I got.
I called, emailed about 20 dealers just yesterday, this dealer was the most transparent and no mark up on MF.

I’m out of country from tomorrow until Dec 30th then relocate myself to Michigan so I had to get the car this week anyway. So just sharing what I got as a 1st time negotiator in a tight timeline (half day).


That’s a nice ride. You can also apply for the BMW CCA rebate.

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oh yea, I forgot to add CCA rebate.

Thanks for reminding me

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For your timeline (half a day) you did pretty well. If you were less prepared, you could have been taken for a ride due to the time pressure. Enjoy it in good health!

Yes I wish I began with X3 in the first place. I had all the numbers lined up for the volvo until The weekend I went and test drove the X3 M40, had a long thought on Monday, I changed my mind last minute Tuesday morning where I was supposed to go in and sign the lease on a 2019 XC60. If I had few days more to haggle I’m sure they took another few %off…

Oh well, I did my best with time constraint and I’m happy with the car so that’s all it matters I guess

Nice car! Is that the dark blue, or the black? Congrats on your deal and enjoy it.

I’m in Ohio too, do you mind telling me which dealer you went with that you had the transparent experience with? I’m not in the market for an X3 but I always like to know which is a good one to deal with. Thanks!

Solid deal, enjoy.

It is Black Sapphire. ! PM sent They definitely considered my situation and my willingness to come and sign within few hours.

Also in Ohio and I am not getting anywhere near this deal from the few I’ve talked to. Could you share your dealer info?

What area in Ohio are you in? I’ve found 90%of them don’t even want to chat with me even though I was ready to sign

Great deal and the best car!

Thank you,

New dirty pics

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