Signed: 2020 BMW M8 Convertible


How did I do? Looks like there is better out there, but felt for not having to drive 9 states or across country it was decent. The car is an absolute blast and is unreal.

2020, BMW, M8 Convertible Fart Car:
MSRP: $145,550
Selling Price: $114,909.72 (21.05%)
Monthly Payment: $1199.99
Drive-Off Amount: $9,900( $300 DP, (7) MSD’s, + First Mo.)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7500
MF: .00058
Residual: 77,533.20
Incentives:$3000 (loyalty)
Region: Indiana/Kentucky
Leasehackr Score: 10.7
Leasehackr Calculator Link: 2020 M8 Convertible


This is already cheaper than most M5 out there, right…? I think you did well

Nice! Based on your username alone I’m assuming you have BMW CCA to recoup the $1500 DAS :sunglasses:

He says it’s a fart car, so hopefully it had under 1k miles to take advantage of that fat rebate.

Awesome! No photos?? :pensive:

Ah I totally missed that. The calculator needs to be updated then to reflect the mileage on the car (unless it was under 4k miles and grandfathered to the old loaner/demo program; the calc won’t let you put less than 4k miles).

I wish! I read they tightened the rules to not do the 3 yr thing. I hit myself for not becoming a member each time I do this. You think by now I’d learn.

Ask and you shall receive! Bonus for the Mustang Mach E that we got an extended test drive with. I was on the Ford website ready to order when the dealer called with acceptance to the above deal. First hand, Ford has gotten it right with the Mach E. It is a marvelous vehicle. 20210326_161638|690x388



Nope, unfortunately not. Just at 4k. I knew there would be better deals out there. I used this board to structure this deal, was targeting 25% pre incentive, but they laughed at me with that. (NY Clif deal) The dealer were at 18% for the longest time, then caved.

They have a crazy dealer fee that included their “Protection” plan. Again, I know this isn’t a unicorn, but I am happy. Trying to give some other hunters some ammo to maybe score a 25% unicorn that I was chasing.

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Awesome deal and ride!!!

Thank you my friend. It is an absolute blast to drive. Probably be the last gas motor I buy as the Mach E was pretty much a go until the BMW dealer called. Sad that no one really took to the M8 and it only made a two year run.

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They are bringing it back for the 2022 model year in just the competition trim, both coupe and vert.

My wife is happy with her “base” M8 coupe as is

Your wife has great taste!

I’m truly glad to hear that it is not 100% done. It is such a great car, especially the Comp, and would be sad to see it end so quick. It checked a ton of boxes. Primarily seating four, we are a short family and we all fit, slightly tight for the son though. To get a convertible and this level of performance it is on a short list for sure.

Congratulations my friend. Been looking for one of these beasts myself. I know you purchased last week but does the dealer have anymore available?

Thanks in advance!

This was the last one they had on their lot. They had two. One sold a week before me, and the other is the one I struck. Are you looking for a Vert or just want an M8 one way or the other? I had a Coupe that had a similar discount at another dealer I worked with. Had a few more options than this one too (adaptive cruise).

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Great to hear that. Yes I’m interested in a convertible for the most part but if I can get a great deal like yours on a coupe or gc I’d very well be open to making the switch. Either way it’s a beautiful car imo. Congrats again!

Are you looking to purchase or lease? BMW won’t allow you to lease 2020 models anymore, and deals like this aren’t going to be found on 2021s. Might be worth looking into taking over a lease if leasing is what you’re trying to do.

Yes I saw that as well on the 2020s. I’ll probably be looking into 2021 GC bc that’s the best discount out right now. Hoping to get a unicorn possibly on a demo. Thanks for the insight!

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