Signed: 2020 BMW 530E - 0 due $644 w tax - 36/12k

Just signed the following deal today (12/1):

2020 - 530E - Southern California
36mo - 12k
MSRP: $61,785 (m sport and premium)
0 down (full zero, nothing down)
Monthly: $644 (tax incl. 7.75%)
Used Loyalty $2k and Credit $1250

This was my first time using a dealer as I negotiated a bunch of leases in the past. I have to tell you I could not get a better deal anywhere else in Socal. Trust me, I pushed hard everywhere.
Arya came through I would recommend: ( 714 ) 881-2719 Arya Kesha


I’m surprised Arya was able to get you this at 1% given it’s a 2020 model year. Any reason you chose a 2020 versus a 2019? AFAIK the only difference was a tiny bump to electric range at the cost of worse MPGe

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It was an absolute pleasure serving you and gorgeous car! I love cognac interior myself :slight_smile:

@dukez I think the big selling point for the 2020 other than the range bump is the inclusion of live cockpit and newer idrive :smiley:


Ooh, I was unaware of those changes. Nice pick up!

There are very few 2019 models left.

In case you did not already know, you need to submit application for state rebate no later than today. 530e no longer qualifies starting tomorrow

What is the actual electric only miles to be expected from the 2020 530e?

Also, is it true that the 530e was made ~400 pounds lighter, increasing the electric range?

I heard that the battery is the same physical size, so I doubt it is any lighter. The MPE estimate went down from 72 to 69, and the MPG estimate also dropped for 2020. Electric only estimate is 21 miles for RWD model.

Thanks, got pre-approved for the rebate before even getting the car.

Digital dashboard for sure, the 2019 is a joke of a half a** digital dash. Also there wasn’t any 19’s with the options I wanted.


Someone in another post pointed out that there actually is a grace period until March 2, 2020 to apply. When I was at my local BMW dealer last Wednesday, I looked at the California website with the salesman. At that time, the website stated that for cars like the 530e that are no longer eligible, applications had to be submitted by December 2. The website was changed sometime after that to reflect the new grace period. I ended up not pulling the trigger.

That sucks, I still think that the 530e is the best bang for your buck in the luxury category ($50-60k range) considering all the rebates, BMW’s aggressive lease programs, mpge and carpool lane. I’m sure you are aware of it but here are all the rebates you can get:
CA state
CCA membership
Even with the reduced rebate I think you should still do it.

The state rebate went away in total - it was not just reduced. As you indicated, with all the rebates like you received, it was a great deal. $1,500 less great as of today.