Signed: 2020 BMW 330i Loaner $49.5MSRP, $343 (incl Tax), $1000 DAS, $2450 MSD, 36/10


So I finally signed the deal and picked up the car today. I truly got a Unicorn deal! I’ve been talking with the dealer for about 2 weeks. I contacted nearly every dealership within 300 miles of me and this was one of the only ones that started out with a good price on the loaner.

They didn’t want to take the OL code that I had (as mentioned in a previous post of mine), but I kept badgering them about it. They finally caved but told me that they can’t actually take the OL code because it was a loaner and was registered, not a Demo which would’ve been possible. So instead they just took the FULL VALUE ($1000!!!) off of the already very low selling price. The dealership and sales man were a pleasure to deal with, they didn’t think I was crazy or were annoyed at all. It was a great experience overall. (FYI: using FL Taxes, I’m just currently in NY for now)

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW 330i (Premium Package)
MSRP: $49,545
Selling Price:$39,600 (20.1% Off MSRP)
Monthly Payment: $344
Drive-Off Amount: $3450 ($1000 DAS, $2,450 MSD)
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF:.00047 (.00082 Base - MSD)
Residual:55.81% ($27,650)
Incentives:$2000 - Loyalty, $750 - Lease Cash
Region: NE
Leasehackr Score: 12.2 Years
Leasehackr: Calculator Link


Nice deal…Im chasing a similar MSRP car ($49.3k) and have it at the same sales price as you but havent bitten yet.

Nice deal but how’d ya do MSDs if you’re in NY?

The dealer is in a state neighboring NY.

I see that now based on the doc fees…

What’s holding you back? I always am curious as to why when people grind out a good deal and then don’t move on it.

Because deep down he knows he wants a 7 series :slight_smile:


Or a 5 series.


Or an aston martin DB11


It’s called jack complex

My wording may have made it sound like there was alot of effort involved, but the reality is the car I mention “chasing” involved no grinding at all, it is advertised at that very close to that price.

@Clutch and @IAC are absolutely rifght :grin:.

If it’s advertised at that price that most likely means they have baked in the $3500 financing incentive. The true selling price is nowhere near what you’re looking at.

Fortunately I’ve learned much from all the rest of you guys over the years and don’t fall for that kind of stuff anymore, LOL

The advertised price was definitely pre-incentive.

Regardless, it’s a good deal on a 50k MSRP 330i. Haven’t been able to get anywhere near this in the SF Bay Area.

why do all the dealers I’m reaching out to ask for 699 doc fees :thinking:… Am i reaching out to the wrong state neighboring NY? lol

PS - OP nice deal, better than anything I’ve found so far.

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Only $699???!!!?? So many places are $799-$999 now. :cry: You just have to figure that into the MSRP discount.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s $2,000 worth of doc fee, simonizing, MF markup etc etc as long as the discount on the selling price achieves my target

There are many paths to the mountaintop.


Gotta luv NJ dealer doc fees… :blush:

Thank yourself that you don’t live in FL where they are closer to $1k. @spockvr6 can tell you how bad they are down there…