Signed 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti AWD: $393.16; $0 DAS

2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti AWD
MSRP: $50,195
Dealer Discount (before incentives): $7,195
Selling Price: $42,999.87

Monthly Payment: $393.16
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:12,000
MF:0.00026 / APR: 0.41%
Residual: 56% ($28,109.20)
Incentives: $7,500 (includes $2,500 returning lessee)
Region: SoCal
Leasehackr Score: -
Leasehackr Calculator Link: -

I got some add on (was $385) reduced to $192 after I complained. It pertained to some clear shield package. Basically just some 3M sticker around handles and door frames. That is not factored into the above MSRP. And did not appear on sticker. Wasn’t happy about it. It through off the numbers. But, up and until then the leasehackr calculator was 1 or 2 dollars off.
Here is some other useful information:

Title Fees: $34
Registration Fees: $508
Electronic vehicle reg/transfer charge: $30
Documentary Fee $85
Tire: $8.75
Smog: $20

Disposition Fee: $395 (didn’t see this until I read lease at dealership so be warned one exists through Ally)

Lease done through Ally. Did not attempt to run it through Chrysler.

You can probably get this deal at any of the big volume dealerships tomorrow but after that I doubt it.


I would love this deal and ready to sign. I am in NJ and contacted 5 dealers around NJ, NY and CT and nobody would come anywhere close to this.

This is a great deal.

Just a thought. One thing I learned this time around was to hide the fact that I was a returning leasee and the $2,500 that came with that. This way, when I introduced it, I simply said, “this shouldn’t be a problem b/c it is not coming out of your or your dealership pocket.” B/c what I learned from the past (when I introduced it ahead of time) was I then had to have an answer to “so you are saying you want me to take an additional $2,500 off of the $12,500 you are already getting off MSRP?” I don’t mind dealing with that but it was easier hiding it b/c IMO no harm no foul.

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@dkmyc1 Try Ohio strongville dealer. They deliver for free and give good discounts. OP has Alfa loyalty of $2500 if you don’t have that it is hard to get to his numbers. I would think you can still get low $400s.

Just wanted to give a follow up. After contacting 4 dealers I did end up closing a deal just before the end of year rebates expired.
MSRP $48245
Signed 27 months, 12,000 miles per year.
$425 / month, NJ tax included in monthly payment.
Only 1st month and DMV DAS - came to $800 total.
Love the car & very happy with the deal.


Good deal. Which dealer you used?I looked for a second one for my wife but couldnt really locate any 2020s around.


I got it from Gold Coast Alfa on Long Island - salesman was

I got it in Glendale, CA. Note, I got it in on Dec. 30. Started negotiating it two days before. I went into it knowing the clock was on my side. That plus all the end of the year savings didn’t hurt either.