Signed: 2020 Acura MDX SH-AWD with Tech package. $505 per month and $1740 DAS

Signed yesterday. I almost contacted all the dealerships near me who has these in stock. No one was even considering a lower offer than this. They didn’t even come close to this. I am happy overall with the purchase considering the market situation. Hopefully it will be a buyers market for my next lease in 3 years. Thanks for everyone in the forum who has answered my questions and helped me through this process.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Acura MDX SH-AWD Technology package
MSRP: $52,925
Selling Price: $45,225
Monthly Payment: $505
Drive-Off Amount: $1,740
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00010
Residual: $27,521
Incentives: $1,500 (conquest
Region: PA
Leasehackr Score: 9 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Congrats. Enjoy your ride.

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Congrats! A decent price!

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Would you mind sharing where in PA? I’m also considering 2020 MDX and in PA. Thanks!

Not sure how I missed this the first time, but congratulations. The market for these until April, in May, and June were three completely different experiences (my sister considered one). You did great given this insanity - enjoy it!

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Sent you a message.

Ya, it’s crazy. I almost contacted all the dealers in the east and this is the best I got :slight_smile:

Thought of waiting, but didn’t see any other luxury 7 seaters being available at the $500 range in the near future.

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