SIGNED 2020 4Runner TRD off road


$500 DAS: includes 1st month and DMV transfer of plates. $10 inspection fee and a tire fee of $15 or something

$399 month

I’m happy with the deal.
Many thanks to those that helped me get the proper numbers to get the right deal.


Can you please add more details of this deal?

Yes. I pick up tomorrow
Will update with details
I only have the basic lease agreement now

Congrats - I’d also like to see the deal sheet as my Camry lease is wrapping up and would love to get into a 4runner

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Can share the details of this deal. 4runner is looking like a good option.

Interested as well

I picked up 4runner friday(last day of month)
Parked it in garage and went to jersey for vacation.
I get back from vacation tomorrow.
Will post #’s soon
Sorry for delay

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