SIGNED 2019 Volvo XC90 - MSRP $69,965 - $1000 DAS $599.86/month incl tax (36/12k)

2019 Volvo XC90 T6 R Design

MSRP: $69,965
Sale Price: $56,605 (before rebate)
Monthly Payment: $599.86
Drive-Off Amount: $1000
Annual Mileage:12,000
Incentives:$750 A-plan rebate
Region:So Cal

Got this deal with the help of Gor @legendsauto , w/o his help most dealers stopped discounting ironically at the same amount (17.2% with incentives), asked for Gor’s help and he had this deal pretty much the same day. I’ve seen some slightly better deals on here at other times for So Cal from places like Culver City, contacted them on my own, and Tony couldn’t come close to this at this time (should’ve bought in June?).

Happy with the deal given my configuration constraints and big help from Gor!!!

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Congratulations again Eric! Drive safe and enjoy in good health

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20% before incentives? :slightly_smiling_face:
Typo, but 12% off on a-plan? I guess the dealer doesn’t mind to get $750 charged back, effectively giving you a bit over 13% off. Nice.

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Meant to be read as before the $750 rebate not incentives, I didn’t see the breakdown of those on the final sale price, just know the final price of the vehicle. (Guess for those in the know not too difficult to discern). Sorry for the confusion.

Yo! That’s a great deal! Congrats! Makes me want to shop harder for my next xc60 lease!