Signed 2019 Volvo S60 R-Design Fully Loaded (Premium, Nav/MM, Advanced, Heated Seats)

Hard to believe this. They go for around 550 with all the fees enrolled. I doubt they gave you 17k off the sticker price.

There have been tons of S60 deals in this price range…

Agreed re lots of deals around this number. AutoLeaseNinjas had a great deal for tristate area on the Inscription trim only opted for local RDesign because of additional costs being out of state.

Nice deal! Which trim level / options?

I think you did pretty well on a sweet car. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to post in the trophy garage lol

Momentum. Denim blue with nav

You replied to my only post that had nothing from your list.
So, I won’t take it personally and will just tell you: make people like and hate you at the same time, I guess.

They are all past 500 in our area. Even with a $12,000 discount after rebates, it’s not even close to $450 on a T6 Momentum.

Are the incentives in your area significantly less?

What region are you in?

PA. I heard VA and MD are exactly the same. Mid 400’s is T5 territory price wise.

Definitely not - Check out my post.

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Well most dealers won’t do those numbers.

Fortunately, here is a broker that will.

Send me a PM - I can help you out.

S60 has been the most hackable luxury car for a while

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Didn’t end up going with ALN but great to work with, responsive, amazing deal if in tristate!

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Any lease deals on a 2019 Volvo S90 T5 Momentum in CA?

Yes there are. The search feature will help you find them.

I would take the Audi A4 Quattro, even if it was $200 a month more.