Signed 2019 Volvo S60 Momentum T5 $438/mo, $438 DAS, no money down

Will be picking up our new Volvo S60 T5 Momentum with Premium package, Multimedia package, Linear Lime Deco Inlay, Heated seats and steering wheel, 19” wheels and Osmium Gray metallic paint

It’s certainly conceivable that better deals will be available down the road when the pressure is on to sell a lot of newly built S60’s but I believe this was the best deal to be had in my region on a brand new car. I hope this helps as this’d forum has been a huge help to me. What worked for me was to go into the dealers I visited with a target monthly payment that was lower than I thought was possible ($400/mo) and dealbreaker features. i also sent them a screen shot of the awesome S60 deal I found here for an S60.


**MSRP: $44,140
**Selling Price: $37,890
**Monthly Payment: $438.51
**Cash Due at Signing: $438.51
**MSD: N/A
**Incentives: loyalty included

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 10,000
**MF: .00041
**Residual: 58%

**Region: SE
**Leasehackr Score: 8.4

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Enjoy the ride!!! Im still pursuing a T6 eventually.

Helluva better deal than I was able to get-- but a great car! Also went from a 2016 and waited patiently for some incentives-- but finally gave in…msrp 40890 paid 36536.77 payment of 394.30 before tax with 3400 down-- so you win!

Calculate a 14% discount and see if that gets you close to the payment you are seeking. I don’t think you’ll be able to get much more than that off until, perhaps, Labor Day or December EOY. ICBW Good luck!!! Its an awesome car!!!

It was tough, i found one dealer 2 hours away and the local dealers refused to meet the price until one finally did…at the 11th hour. I am excited as I do love the car!!! Enjoy yours!!!

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Post pix when you get it plz

I’ll be picking it up on Saturday afternoon. :+1:t2:

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I guess you got your car in NE with $2,500 loyalty. So your discount before loyalty is 8.5%, which is about right on new S60. @Orangeman96 won’t get 14% off on a new one without that loyalty.

No chance of 14% off msrp here in nj, best can do is 9 to 10% it seems.

No, got my car in NC, loyalty is $1000.

Was that including taxes?

Loyalty is $500 on a lease, not $1,000. So it was a loaner? There is also $750 allowance. I guess I misunderstood what you meant by “brand new car”. Unless you got 11.32% off on a new one - then it is a great discount.

It is not a loaner. They did not break out the discount into loyalty VS discount, I assumed $1000 loyalty. They simply show a $6250 discount with no added incentives. The payment is $438.51 on a car that stickers for $44140 with the first payment due at signing.

Yes, NC has 3% tax

Found this at Fairfax VA Volvo.

Very similar deal as what I got. I imagine that there will come a time when my deal will not took so good…maybe sooner rather than later.

New Jersey sucks. Chances of me wanting same offer here: 0

I think if you contact enough dealers you’ll find one that wants to make a sale. Also, an out of state dealer can ship the car to you or you can go get it…


Beauty, enjoy the ride, ill keep watching

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