Signed-2019 Tacoma TRD Off Road Double Cab

2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road double cab
4x4 AT
I found a similar deal on the forum but couldn’t justify a 1400 mile trip to get the truck. I didn’t do quite as well as the broker, but I’m happy with the deal. I basically put down $1500 which is what I was going to pay upfront in the brokered deal counting broker fee. I then traded a $1200 truck just so I didn’t have to mess with selling it. This brought my pre tax payment to $

188.27 for 36/10. I rolled VA tax in and wound up with a payment of $227.

**MSRP: $38,962
**Selling Price: $34,600
**Monthly Payment: $188.27-no taxes $221 without trade-in. My monthly with full VA tax on sales price-$227
**Cash Due at Signing: I paid fees equal to what I would incur on a long distance deal with a broker fee $1500 and I traded in an old ranger for $1200

**Annual Mileage:10,000

**Leasehackr Score:? I can’t get it all straight in the calculator.


I would have been shocked if you made that trip up here with the savings difference lol but good job congrats :+1:

If my dealer didn’t want to work a deal I would’ve considered it strongly. I just don’t have a lot of spare time with work now. This deal was done in 12hrs start to finish. I appreciate you checking into it for me.

No worries glad to help enjoy the truck

Which dealer in va you went to?

Shelor Toyota in Christiansburg
Sales Manager: Tyler (knows how to handle MSD)
Salesman (Johnathan Leary)

Hi @DrK,

Could you send me a sanitized version of your lease? I’m contacting the dealers in my area (CA) and getting resistance. The best message so far is “Sorry to tell you those are not Toyota lease standards and we don’t match such imaginary offers.”

Your help is much appreciated! Thanks!

@kman563 sorry I just saw this. Let me see if I can find the paperwork

If you are in CA, Contact @Cody_Carter. He’s the best.

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