Signed - 2019 Mercedes GLE400 (loaner), $545/month, $545 DAS, $62K MSRP

I signed the following lease reading the Leasehackr forum (and Edmunds) for guidance. Sharing in case the data is helpful.

I did 95% of the process by almost entirely by email. The total discount was 20%, a few dealerships were higher than that but not as convenient, and I got stuck with several dealerships closer to 15%.

I was also considering the 2019 GLS and got over 20% on loaners and could only find one 2020 GLE loaner with a very thin (10%) discount.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE400 (4K mile loaner)

**MSRP: $62K
**Selling Price: $49.5K (20% including $1500 fleet incentive which could not be stacked with manufacturer incentive)
**Monthly Payment (before tax): $545
**Cash Due at Signing: $545 (first month)
**MSD: $3K (effectively brought MF to 0)
Incentives: Fleet (included above)

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: 0.00035 (before MSDs which took the MF down to effectively 0)
Residual: 52% (before excess mileage deduction

Region: CT

This is a very good deal, probably one of the best I’ve seen for the redesigned GLE. Congrats and enjoy the ride.

I think your thinking about the 2020 gle, that’s the one that was redesigned

No wonder that price seemed too good to be true. Still a good deal on the GLE. Not many deals on it lately.

Haha yeah I was thinking the same, then sounded too good so did a google search lol, the 2020 models came early so I understand why they could be mistaken

And yeah I expect to see some more hacks on these soon, even though it’s an SUV market the redesign might help some good deals form

Yes, the 2020 is out so deals should be better on the 2019. I had two issues - inventory is very thin - there were very few 2019 GLEs in the tri-state area - and I am moving and needed a car right away so didn’t have more time.

There is a lot more inventory of 2019 GLS. I suspect that will be interesting when the redesign gets introduced in a few months.