Signed 2019 Mercedes C300 4 matic, $395 MSRP 50905, 0 DOWN

Brand New to leasing, so need feedback
Have a deal on phone with a dealer:

20% off msrp
0.00103 MF- 10 MSD=0.00033 MF
36/7.5 RV=60%
Is anything better I can do? Or any coupon or code?

Dealer said I can pick any new car in the lot.
An example for a 50000 MSRP car here.
396 tax included, 0 drive off.

I know there is a 1000 incentive for lease, but not quite sure whether the dealer willing to add on.


20% off a brand new one?
That’s a very very strong discount on a new, non-loaner car.

That’s crazy if they’re taking 20% off a brand new one, and it doesn’t even seem like you had to push them for that!

Just a verbal offer. I’m guessing if you walk into the dealer it will no longer be 20% on any new car on the lot.

Last weekend, I went for test driving and got a 18 off for sale price without discussing leasing. But I am in a hurry that day so did not take it and it seemed that the dealer is even willing to do a little bit more.
Consider there is 1000 incentive for leasing, which equals 2% for a 50000 car, I think 20 off is doable.
In these days, the sedan is really hard to sell.
Actually I got the offer from text, but maybe the dealer has another trick.

This is killer and I would pick up. Would you share the dealer info with me?

Done deal
395 with 10 msd and 0 down

MSRP 50905

MB OF silver spring, md

Brand New
It’s 20% off msrp, base rv and mf
You can do better if you do not live in VA because of the tax.
and i think you can do push even more if you have any fleet or loyalty rebate and I even do not push for the 1000 lease incentive.

Dealer: Silver Spring, MD

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:2019 MB C-300 4MATIC SEDAN
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

MSRP: $50905
Selling Price: $40724
Monthly Payment: $395
Cash Due at Signing: $0(Excludes MSD and 1st payment)

Annual Mileage:7500

Leasehackr Score:

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Great deal OP Damm 20% off a new one is this a volume dealer or they just wanted to move metal?

This was probably punched.

They marked up your MF. .00089 to .00103 to make up for the discount

I checked Edmunds and 2019 C300 4 matic is 0.00103.

I don’t know.

They told me they lost money on this one. But who knows. I thinks at least they are willing to do it this month.

you are right for the 4matic. Good deal!