Signed 2019 Mazda CX9 Touring with Premium Package - $270+ Tax, 1500 DAS, 36,10k

Finally Signed

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Mazda CX9 Touring with Premium Package
MSRP: $ 40565
Monthly Payment: $ 286 including Tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1500 including first month
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
Incentives: Loyalty (750) & Grad (500)
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Dont have MF/residual in the lease doc, do have lease end buyout cost $ 23933.35


Wow, that’s the best deal I’ve seen so far on this model. I’m in the market for exactly the same car and am in NJ. Would you be able to share dealer info either in this thread or through DM? Thanks

Assuming it is from a MA dealer, the deal will not be the same for NJ.

Most of them (if not all) do not service NJ clients.

I also believe Mazda incentives differ by Zip of customer, not of dealer.

Wow, great deal! What was the selling price before any incentives?

Incentives: Loyalty (750) & Grad (500)


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Mazda added $500 more of lease cash as of 10/26 I believe. Super rare but programs changed specifically for the CX-9 (and only the sport and touring). Incentives are also region specific too.

Damn, Dat bloke got a smokin deal. He must be da cats pajamas! I be thinkin either da cx9, or Lamborghini whip. Not sho yet.

Spoke with one auto dealer and here is what he is offering for CX9:

2019 Mazda Cx 9
Touring with premium package
$377 x 36 x 10
$1275 at signing
Is that a good deal? I wonder if there is a 2020 CX9, plus when is the next redesign coming up.

Compare it with the deal in the original post. What do you notice?

Huge difference, can not tell when he leased the CX9.

I thought the CX-9 wasn’t eligible for the college grad discount? Mazda’s website still seems to say this.

Just shoot me a PM. Can beat that deal

They do and they go all the way to 36 months instead of 12 for BMW or 24 for Toyota

I’d like to work with you on a similar lease but with 15k per year. Can we talk. Thank You

Yeah definitely - Shoot me a PM or fill out an inquiry on my website (the quickest way to get in touch).

Just filled out form. Please call text me
Thank You