Signed: 2019 Mazda 3 sedan Preferred with AWD

2019 Mazda 3 Sedan Preferred package with AWD
Snowflake White/black leatherette
New York
$26,720 MSRP
$25,345.77 Cap Cost
$1,008.55 rebate with no loyalty
Drive off $582.66
Monthly: $339.00 everything (tax incl) rolled in except for DMV ($250)
Residual: $13,894.40
15K miles
36 months
They beat Costco price by $2 and got the car 100 miles away
There was no dealer fee
I’m happy with the deal

Hope you enjoy the car! Congrats!

If you’re happy with the car and the deal that’s all that matters, but I don’t know if I could stomach getting their Econobox for about 33% more than what CX-9’s that are around 40% more expensive have gone for lately.


It’s not all about the best value sometimes. My daughter needed a new car that she could park in “compact cars only” spaces, got great gas mileage for her one hour city/hwy commute, AWD for adverse conditions, great driving dynamics, great visibility, regular unleaded gas, superior crash test ratings (for my peace of mind), and the premium features the preferred model comes with. Oh, and no CVT or auto stop/start. The CX9 did not check many of these boxes. Plus, she didn’t want an SUV, neither did I.

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I completely agree with the point you’re making, but that generally applies to scenarios where the uncontrollable variables result in bad leases (like MF, RV or lack of incentives). In your case they gave you a paltry 5.1% discount off MSRP. Even with Mazda I believe you could have pushed further and succeeded. You’re happy and you have the car you want so that’s great, these are just tips for next time.

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I shopped 5 dealers in the NY metro area and nobody came close to this offer. The AWD preferred package sedan is tough to get at this writing. I wanted the premium AWD sedan and that car is a unicorn. A MD dealer wanted over MSRP for it. Two dealers (Ct and NJ) wouldn’t even quote me a price because they couldn’t get the car (no dealers would swap). The Costco dealer was the best and I asked my local dealer to beat it which they reluctantly did. They sourced the car over 100 miles away.

Then maybe you were at the best possible discount in the area. I think many people here would recommend contacting at least 10 dealers within 100 miles at a minimum, but based on the broker deals posted on the site I’d say you did pretty damn well.