Signed: 2019 Lexus IS300 - MSRP $42,824- $418/month - $0 DAS

Just signed on a 2019 IS300 Base RWD - with premium package, heated steering wheel, intuitive park assist and accessories package.

Picked up in NC, car registered in NJ. I wanted a RWD and dealers up north only carry the AWD, thus why I shopped in NC. Fees are really high but the dealer would not budge so I counter offered with a lower selling price and they finally agreed.

MSRP: $42,824.00
Selling Price: $36,300 (15.2% off)
Lease cash: $4,250.00
Fees: $2,170 (Acq, dealer, title, accessories)
NJ Sales tax: 6.625%

Residual: .49
Money Factor: .00005
Down Payment: $0
DAS: $0

Monthly Lease Payment: $418
LeaseHackr Score: 9.1


This is my first time leasing a car and I’m happy with my deal. Thanks to this forum and everyone on here, which provided me with all the information I needed to learn how to negotiate and calculate lease numbers.


Holy insane dealer fees!

Enjoy the car


Good deal!!! I would be super happy with it.

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what score is recommended to lease with Lexus. Especially if your upside down 5k on your current car? I’m currently 620

You have be be at least 650 which is Tier 3 credit rating with LFS

what is the term of the lease? 36 months? miles? was it $0 due at signing? Thank you

This is from August. Click on the calculator link. It will answer all your questions. Reading isn’t hard.