Signed: 2019 KIA Optima S Lease Deal

Doing what? Sorry dude, this does not make you qualified. Managers keep sales people in the dark as much as they try to keep customers in the dark. It is for their and YOUR own good (salesmen will make more money the less they know).


YOU DO NOT PAY RENT CHARGE ON ALL PAYMENTS WHEN YOU PAYOFF YOUR LEASE. Period. It is the equivalent of interest but it is also called RENT CHARGE. Why would you continue to pay rent on something you are no longer renting. Payoffs are Residual + Remaining Depreciation Payments + Plus any miscellaneous fees. No rent charge included. There are literally people on here that were quoted to you as having confirmed but you still aren’t buying it.

No, they are not. See above. Payoffs may include taxes if you are buying it out yourself but they would not include taxes if you were trading it in or selling it to a dealer.

You said “I just checked my BMW FS account.” I am assuming you did this on the BMW FS Portal? In that portal it will show the payoff as your residual plus the remaining payments because that is what your contract says and, barring any trade-in or buyout, what you owe. It is not the payoff. Try calling them on the phone and getting the actual payoff to buyout (not terminate early) or to trade in (i.e. the dealer payoff) and report back BEFORE you go on disseminating more of your “5 years worth” of car business knowledge.


See above.

I don’t mean to pick on you man but you cannot make blanket statements especially if you aren’t qualified. Opinions are not fact. This is why doctors hate the internet.



It really is. I’ll split it off and put it in the FAQ.

Has anyone actually had a buyout quote or buyout done including the remaining rent charges? I know some captives have really wacky rules.

Ok, I’ve done some digging guys. So, it appears you guys are generally correct and I was mistaken. I called BMW FS and a few guys I know still in the business and found out some pretty neat stuff.

So, when dealing with real captives, you guys are correct, you aren’t charged the remaining rent charge, but just the depreciation. However, with 3rd party banks that aren’t captives such as US Bank, Chase, Ally, etc, anything goes and the terms of buying the lease out early vary from program to program. US Bank is apparently a worse offender of this than the others.

To answer your question @chrishs2000, I know that Mazda Capital Services (Chase) did charge remaining rent charges in 2016 when I last worked for a Mazda dealership. They may have changed this policy since then, as I know that they’ve (Mazda) have been trying to negotiate for better program terms since then to be more competitive with manufacturers with real captives.

In addition, when doing commercial vehicle leases (with 3rd party equipment finance companies and truck finance companies), you usually have to pay the remaining rent charge as well when buying out the vehicle.

Now, onto my BMW lease, I was only able to get information for one of my cars as the other one apparently has an open recall of some kind, despite it not showing up in their system. The payoff I quoted earlier included sales tax, which happened to almost perfectly add up to the remaining rent charge I have left. After looking at the real payoff, it does only take the remaining principal of the lease payments.

@Irongunner You are absolutely correct with most of what you wrote. I hate it when assholes spread misinformation, and defend it like their life depends on it. As it turns out (assuming you didn’t read what I wrote above) while my posts were not opinions, they were very specific anecdotes in the exceptions of this rule. I’m not scared to admit when I’m wrong, and I was wrong. Real captive banks work differently than most of the banks that I’ve dealt with in a professional manner. In terms of my experience, while I’m no longer in the auto industry, my “5 years of experience” are very real, but they weren’t all selling cars (although what you write about managers keeping sales people in the dark is completely correct). About half of that time wasn’t in a dealership either, so I haven’t been on the selling side for a minute. In general, I spent almost 2 years selling, like a bit more than half a year in f&i, about a year and a half managing a towing and transportation company, and most recently, I was at BMW corporate. However, I didn’t deal with vehicle buyouts at BMW (not my department), but rather retail audit and compliance. FYI, don’t buy out a BMW in the first 6 months of a lease, it’s a red flag and gets you labeled as potential exporter, some dealer will refuse to sell you certain cars if this happens.

Nothing personal man, it’s the internet, anything goes :slight_smile: However, going back to your doctor analogy, my family has actually had bad experiences with doctors because they thought they were smarter and wouldn’t listen to us plebs try to tell them things until it was too late. What I’m trying to say is, professionals can be wrong as well, and it’s good to double check and confirm all the information.

TLDR; @chrishs2000 and @Irongunner are right (in most cases, barring a few exceptions) and I was wrong.


Great post man. Thank you for doing research on your end and confirming. I’ll clean this up split this off and put it into FAQ when I have some time :+1:

Hopefully someone knows how USBank, Ally etc handle this? Maybe @RVguy


Thanks. I used to have the US Bank play book once upon a time (might be a few years old), I’ll see if I can find it.

Entertaining and informative.

And hopefully accurate this time. Lol, I dont know if I can handle one more plot twist on this character development line.

I hate thrillers.

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Haha. Thanks. I can absolutely guarantee one thing - that I keep things interesting! I can also confidently say that these Kia Optima S lease deals can be replicated. I have a contract (from March 2018) to prove it as well lol. It seems that all that you need is a dealer willing to give you roughly $2500-3500 off MSRP. The dealer I used had stupid high fees, but a good discount. I was very pleased with a sub $200/mo effective payment after TTL on a mid size sedan.

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Been trying to duplicate this deal today throughout a couple of socal kia dealerships. No bite though; been trying to increase the savings amount as well as rebates/incentives, @wnstms123 any chance you have additional info that wasn’t already mentioned? The $7000 incentives/rebates were huge as I was only able to get $5520. 0 down => $295.63 or $713 => 273.96. Going to try again though.

Nope not that i know of :frowning:
I guess i was lucky!

I want to commend Falcon01 on going back and doing the research to correct the parts he got wrong. We all learned something from this. That is a great thing.

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Just signed lease for 2019 optima S ,
1500 DAS and $249 with tax . 36/12
MSRP was 27xxx ( I have panorama roof option ) . I’m from central Jersey . I didn’t look over all the details of my final paper work , but it seems they gave me more then $5660 of incentives . ( I just negotiated final DAS and monthly payment and let them figure out the numbers )
So the deal can be replicated ( if tried harder I might’ve got a better deal , but originally they quoted me for $320 and $2000 DAS , so I don’t think I got a bad deal ) , and the cool thing instead of going to dealership , I secured a deal over email first , then filled the application from home , then just came to sign papers , and car was already prepared . It took less then 30 min in dealership and 20 min on the phone.
The best dealership experience I ever had , thanks to this forum, and everyone on here . All of you are the best

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Happen to secure the deal w AnnaLissa or was it with someone else?

No, I talked to Alfonso on the phone, he is the one to approve the deal, Arianna was a person I talked to on the email before that, and Brianna was the one to prep the car and paperwork. It was actually surprisingly pretty nice experience.
Why do you ask?

Bc with sansone I had a massive problem with her giving me a price, then me going in for that price, and then Toyota saying “oh no we cant come close to that price, not sure why she told you that”. An absolute joke.

I see, I’m sure every dealership has someone who lies about the price to loore you in. Been to too many dealerships in my life, and there is always games being played.
I was skeptical about this deal, was thinking they will put different numbers on the paperwork when I show up, but they didn’t, I guess it was the end of the month push that helped .

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