Signed 2019 Jeep Cherokee High Altitude $37.7K MSRP, $273/mo $1800 DAS


Hours upon hours of reading the forums have finally paid off. Very happy with this deal, wasn’t easy to get to the unicorn <1% but it was well worth it. Delivered right to my front door tonight by a dealer ~30 mi. away.

2019 Cherokee High Altitude
LeaseHackr Calculator

MSRP: $37,735
Selling Price: $33,957 (-10%)
Monthly Payment: $273
Cash Due at Signing: $1,800 (taxes & fees + $150 cap cost reduction)
Incentives: $4,000 ($3500 lease cash + $500 TrueCar)
Effective Monthly: $323 (0.85%!!)

Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00001
Residual: 53%

Region: NY
Leasehackr Score: 10.9

The dealer “covered” 2 remaining payments on a returning lease due up in March as well. In quotes as that small cap cost reduction they baked in essentially covered a portion of 1 of the payments ($199.) Was worth it to me as I really wanted to be in the low 270’s on the monthly and I figured I’d be paying the February payment anyway if I didn’t make anything happen before the end of this month.

Thanks y’all!

i think you mean “altitude” not “high altitude” HA starts at like $47k

Regular Cherokee, not a Grand. Grand Cherokee HA most certainly MSRP’s up there.

It’s just another trim level, it’s like a limited with black wheels or something, Google it

lol, my appologies…time for bed. brain not working so well when tired.

Good deal and congrats !!

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Same here, had to read it back to make sure I didn’t accidentally slip a Grand in there somewhere lol

Thank you!

Can you message me dealer info and sales rep? Looking for a latitude plus

38k Cherokee without a moon roof? Good deal but jeez do they inflate the Msrps

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Yup, only part about this that I’m disappointed with. From what I could tell, there wasnt a single car in the country in this config + sunroof. Could’ve had a limited with sunroof at a similar msrp but imo the aesthetics of the HA alone are worth the upcharge.

I went to look at the Trailhawk yesterday and they were crazy. I promptly walked out.

From what I’ve seen the latitude has terrible rates, higher end trims lease better

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Yeah, found this out the hard way. I was getting quotes in the 350-400 /mo range on 30k-32k MSRP cars. Granted these were horrible offers, but it was clear even a great deal on these probably would’ve been a similar monthly (albeit less DAS) for a lot less car.

You guys think any brokers here can get me a similar deal for a jeep cherokee latitude plus 4x4 or jeep cherokee limited 4x4?

No need to post the same question in multiple threads.

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