Signed! 2019 Honda CR-V EX AWD

Well, last night I closed on a pretty stellar deal on a vehicle that historically does not lease well:

2019 CR-V EX AWD Dark Olive Metallic
MSRP: $29,965
Selling Price: $24,945 (including $750 CR-V Cash Incentive and $500 Conquest Incentive)
Doc Fee: $199
Acquisition Fee: $595
Splash Guards: $156
Sales Tax: 7.738% (63146)
Terms: 36mos/15k
MF: .00069
RV: 59%
Monthly Payment: $299.44 with absolutely nothing DAS.

Thank you for all the information provided here that enabled me to pull off such a great deal! For those wondering how I did it, I checked CarGurus for CR-Vs that were on the lot the longest at local dealerships. I also found that Olive Green Metallic was the least popular color and proceeded to find a green CR-V that had been sitting the longest at one of the larger dealerships in town. I then e-mailed my request for a lease deal to every Honda dealership in the area in which I was willing to travel (about 8 dealerships), and let them know specifically that I was shopping around for the best deal. The offer wars began! The 2020s are coming in soon and that has incentivized the dealers to dig a little deeper into the pockets for aggressive deals. Much to my surprise, the very first dealer to respond had the best offer at $310 with first month’s payment due at signing. Using some leverage from a couple other contenders, I got them down to $299… and just before pulling the trigger got them to agree to pay the first month’s payment for me to sweeten the deal. Pretty much all the other dealerships threw in the flag and told me I should just go with this offer. All in all, I’m very happy. Leasehackr calculations below:

Honda CR-V EX AWD Lease Calculator


Great deal! Congratulations. Where was the dealership?

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Mungenast Honda in St Louis. After negotiating via email, I went to the dealership and was in and out in about 30 minutes. Honestly, one of the most pleasant car buying experiences I’ve ever had.

I also got a awesome price for my 2019 civic si in March, my sale price was 22,528 when msrp was 25220 from the same dealership

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Autonation Honda in Clearwater
Sheila was awesome
2019 Honda CRV EX Lease
Zero down payment, no out of pocket expense
1st month of lease paid by dealer
$289.00 total including tax per month
36 month lease 12K per year
Ocean Honda wanted $2000.00 down and $360 a month for a 36 month lease.

Listen up boys and girls, this is exactly how you hack a deal! Well done!


Good deal especially with the miles being 36/15,000 and AWD.

Colors not bad, from the picture it looks black.

This is a way better outcome than your 5K 533 month post!

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I think so as well! The color is so much better in direct sunlight… the green sparkles then. It’s really quite stunning.