Signed! 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid Loaner 24/15 0 drive off $208/month

I needed a cheap hybrid to replace the volt and this was the cheapest option I could find.

2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid (Loaner with 3k miles)

MSRP: $28550
Selling Price: $22750 + $749 (Ford wear care, tried to remove, but dealer was stubborn)
Monthly Payment: $208 (including tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:15k
Incentives:$8250 [6000 lease cash + 1500 trade-in bonus (Volt lease ending this month) + 500 Graduate + 250 aged inventory]
Leasehackr Score:11.9

This deal is not replicable at this dealer, so please don’t ask for Dealer info.


Very nice deal!!

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How did you “find” this deal? Did you go in with target number of low $200/month or did you shop around to see who had the lowest on a Fusion Hybrid? I assume this will be a one off?

I’d take this over the $269 Energi deal in a heartbeat. The trunk on the Energi is almost nothing because of the batteries.

This took some time (at least a month). I used autotrader and carguru’s to search the inventory. Dealers usually post the price with most of the applicable rebates, which makes it really hard. Most of them don’t even disclose this until you call them. So first I looked for some dealers that offered solid dealer discounts on the new one’s before any incentives. There were a few that offered around $3k for the new models. Then I used that number to negotiate for the loaners. Most of them said go buy the new one. I guess this dealer wanted this to be gone, so they gave me a good price.


Thank you for the info! Very much appreciate it. And I forgot to say nice deal!

Yes I imagine they wanted to get rid of that one. Right place right time! That was an SE trim correct? Any options? Oh, how much did they add to the monthly to get 15k miles a year?

This is the base SE model. But even the base model has navigation, auto braking, blind spot monitors, adaptive cruise…Difference between 15k and 12k is 2% difference in residual. 45% for 15k and 47% for 12k. My commute is long so I needed 15k

Thanks! I forgot the S trim is gone so even the SE trim is pretty loaded for 2019. I found a few in the DMV area with 2k-3k miles. My registration zip doesn’t have as many incentives as SoCal so probably can’t get down to $208. Do those Ford coupons that you can order online help at all for leases? I know they are hit and miss getting the coupon in the brochure. Usually $750 off a purchase. I never paid attention if they qualify for a lease or not.

This is a great deal! Congrats and enjoy your Fusion. It’s a very nice sedan you can drive like a rented mule, nearly rent-free, for the next 2 years, and get 40-ish MPG on regular unleaded. Post pics in the trophy garage if you haven’t.

Congrats, and thanks for the tips. How exactly do you find a loaner? Trying to look ahead for my next lease, so I also have ample time to negotiate a good deal. Thanks again!

Great deal. I didn’t know Ford leased loaners.

I usually search for 2019 cars that are under 5000 miles. Most dealers include service loaner info in the description. I have also noticed that in the carfax it will mention that dealer took title of the vehicle.



Appreciate the info! Enjoy your car!